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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stuff About Stuff! =^..^=

What a couple of weeks it's been...this is my first experience with real jet lag/time distortion. We think we get lagged by traveling across three or four time zones...try almost exactly halfway around the world! My phone {that's really "roaming" } says it's about 9:30 Sunday morning...And I'm OK with that. I'm body clock says it's morning...but my head gets so fuzzy about my relationship to "real time" {read SLT}...I'm one of the fortunate few, as I see it, that's usually on the West Coast USA... so when I look at the Secondlife clock its what time it is for me. One of the hazards in this part of the world...India, Bangladesh, Pakistan... Google "Eve Teasing"... This was one of the times in my life that some of the things that weren't so warm and wonderful in the past were a good thing to have here. Being 5ft8 in eighth grade makes you a, while I'm not the 7 ft3 I am in Secondlife, 5ft10 (well almost) is taller than most guys.... Being "street smart".... I'm not easily intimidated... While I don't carry weapons even in the US {or Secondlife lol}... A few know I've the ability to shame a sailor when I start yelling. Sadly the culture here doesn't prepare women to really take care of themselves. My "visit" to Nepal... I'm waiting this AM to see if I can raise a little hell about all that... The Indian border officer has a visa exit stamp raised over my passport as he asked me when I planned to return to India....."Tomorrow", was my reply. He stopped...opened a drawer and produced a piece of paper. 'Multiple Entry Six Month Tourist Visas'..{the common visa}...'If you leave India you make not return for 2 months'.... OMG! Can you imagine the situation had I entered Nepal!? Ground transport to Katmandu at minimum....plane ticket to Indira Gandi Interrnational..If I could get there and do that in three or four days....Buy a new ticket home? Remember things here work on "Indian Time"'s not exactly "Manana" ,but close. In case you haven't been exposed to "manana"'s common perception, certainly among Anglos is 'tomorrow'....or 'morning'. When a Mexican tells you Manana he really is saying .."maybe never"...this isn't's a statement of culture... he means "not right now". Anyway I'll be leaving this fabulous country in about 14 hours { I think)...I'm so ready. While this experience has been life changing..I could never live here. I also miss all of you. I will have many pictures to share....I think I'll do a THiNC book...I'll let you all know. So...From Delhi India And so it goes I do love you all, brinda Namaste

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