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Friday, February 19, 2010

Vacations over...News now from our side!

Average morning traffic...
These aren't dirty windows...that's my kind of air...the kind ya can actually taste!
As I'm sure some of you may have noticed it's taking me a few days to recover from *vacation*.
It's just another indication that I'm not capable of doing the things I once could for as long as I once could do them.
I'm sure now it's Friday morning nine-ish...hmmm...{or is it still ten thirty Friday evening?} =^..^=
*** and everywhere....
Three weeks ago I first saw the above street at 1AM and thought OMG!...what is my hotel going to look like?
A week ago, after traveling across 3000km of Northeastern India, I can tell you that that's one of the nicer streets in town...any town in India.
{And the hotel room was gorgeous! First class!}
Slowly I'll post the rest of my pictures on Flikr {}...
I see a new resident, Lynne, has moved to the West sim....I haven't met her yet, soon I hope.
And I see Jaris returned!...It's things like that that make me have faith that Benares has something to offer. Jaris a really nice guy...if we had nothing to offer here he would have gone elsewhere.
I say over and can buy pixel sand anywhere.
On a sadder note I want to thank Boyd for the eight months he spent here. Boyd is a real stand up guy. He's one of those people that I so admire because he's trying to make the Secondlife mainland a better place, and his commitments there just don't leave him the time to spend with us here....gone Boyd, but not forgotten!
Ling left me an IM... looks as though shes taken in a couple of new people...more that I hope to meet. It's rather amazing that in three weeks off so many little details both here and real life seem to get unraveled.
I really want to get back into going to the HIs and helping as best I can. Now that the old Secondlife Mentors are disbanded all that's left are independent mentors out there.
I do believe that there's really more help out there now than there was before...
Some of the old SL Mentors welcomed us volunteers...sadly we had others that saw us as interlopers.
Can't keep everyone happy I'm sure.
Spent the early part of reading blogs, forums, and comments...trying to get back into the swing of what's new in Secondlife.
Being here for nearly three years gives me a better perspective on who's involved in Secondlife to improve this platform for all...and the ones that are just in it for their own agenda
Before I forget... Breye is getting married today real life! Breye...Congratulations...nothing like a good old Texas wedding =^..^=
OK....back this evening..........
OH! I do want to thank all of the residents of Benares. I see and hear from people sometimes that let me know you guys talk about what we have here.
And a special Thank You to both Ling and Poly for seeing that service was seen to while I wasn't here.
And so it goes
My love always, brinda

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