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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Future Here with 2.0? (and a couple of houses)

New grass for the main island mesa... We kept it mowed short near my house!

Re-modeled my place a bit as well as moved it South and West a few meters. Sabres latest house...Always a classy act. Jaris new far west as our region goes. Andrea is a self described minimalist...I like the simplicity

of this place.


A friend left me a link to a news story of the VW, "There", and it's closing set for March 9th.

I often lay awake nights wondering how Secondlife and my relationship with all the people I've met in-world will turn out.I think we all know that nothing lasts forever... Secondlife, or me.

I have very selective fears... social situations like a Halloween party here can stress me for weeks. Many real life situations that others might find fearful don't scare me. Losing Secondlife, this community we have, all those I have a relationship with through out the world does.

Yes... this is a perfect opportunity to practise just, "Being Here Now". So easy to say, and yet for me, so hard to contemplate. ***

Thanks to both Poly and my friend Angela Talamasca for this heads up concerning Secondlife viewer 2.0 and shared media risks.

Will it be fixed before before the viewer is default?... can it be fixed? It would seem that the Lindens would like to see Secondlife be integrated with Facebook, and since Facebook no longer allows people to create fictional accounts... that, combined with the risks of shared media, would expose all of us to various risks.

I think forcing that option would certainly destroy what Secondlife started. While there are role playing communities that don't want real life info... there is also the potential for personal and fiscal danger with the ability of others to be able to *find* you in real life. I personally would have to take a very long look at whether I would remain in Secondlife.

Maybe I'm just seeing "lions and tigers, oh my!" My guess at this point is that IF that were implemented it will be quite sometime in the future. I'm not sure that there aren't some legal hurdles that Linden Lab might have to jump... yes, they have an *at will* service... but we've paid real money and invested real time into a service that was supposed to be confidential.

We'll see.


I'm going to try a few minor land changes on the main island in the next couple of weeks... nothing that will affect current parcels except to maybe make them more desirable.

I hope everyone knows me well enough to know that I am open to your input...

If I do something that detracts from your experience here please let either Myself, ling, or Poly know and we will look at whatever it is.

That's all I can think of for now And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda

{माय लव तो यू अल}, brinda

Namaste नमस्ते

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