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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Polys Linden Bears & My Journey into Onverse

Polys Linden Bear Collection... *** First... many of you may not know that if you find a Linden you can get a Linden Bear from them. While I have had what some call the dubious pleasure of meeting several Lindens over these last nearly 3 years, I've only ended up with Wilder Linden Bear. Some of these bears are really a work of art, {maybe really "ART", who ever he/she might be}. I say that because some of the bears are so sophisticated that some serious creativity and technical skills went into them. Perhaps more technical skills than some members of *The Benevolent Monarchy* possess. *** The pictures below are from my foray into, "Onverse". It's another virtual world...One I suspect I might be a little too old for. Minimum age is 13 if I remember right... default avatar movement is "run"... shift gets you to "walk", and that's faster than I think. I logged out just before I started this blog after I screwed up something and lost my cursor. While I could wander around I had to finally log out by manual shutdown... Oh well, back to the tutorials next time. Yes, it's a little cartoony...It's still in beta... but just like Blue Mars, I want to someday be one of the original residents if it does take off. Prim hair's not an option yet I guess...but the texture hair beats Secondlifes.
Onverse's answer to teleport...Avatar cannons! (They work well)
And you can hear them in the background often.
Center Hub looking towards the Grand Casino
Pretty much at the beginning of the tutorials...I left the toolbar out of the shots above.
Believe me, while I hated the SL 2.0 viewer... The UI is a lot easier to learn than this one... or maybe that's because I've had so many hours using Secondlife. ***
We have had some new people come to Benares and sadly I think we are going to lose one tomorrow.
I will do a post tomorrow on the new people and the pictures of their places...
One of the new people is really not that new... over a year ago she came here direct from one of the Help Islands.
Details later...It's a great story!
For today? That's it.
And so it goes
My love always, brinda

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