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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leading by Example

I don't see her in search anymore...but she's always with me... ***
I'm wondering how we get to where we are, emotionally and/or intellectually, in our lives.
I do understand the concept of nature/nurture, but I sit and wonder why some of us {speaking of the human condition} turn out as we do.
I'm thinking in terms of how we end up determining where we set our boundaries.
Those things that make us who we are... as far as honesty, ethics, morals, kindness, and social acceptability.
Often it seems to have so little bearing on education...or at least formal education.
We see people grow up in terrible family/social systems and they turn out to be warm caring people that are a gift to all around them.
We see others that have all the privileges of family wealth, power, and prestige....and we wouldn't want to take them to a dog fight.
Recently there was a "griefing" episode I witnessed that very well may have been done by some one credited with the creation of the Internet as we know it today.
Someone bright enough to write a program that actually allows millions of computers to access information in real time.
Now if this person didn't actually do the act...I believe they encouraged the act and gave tacit approval. Certainly they were present, have at least a working relationship with the griefing group members, and said nothing.
I have no idea of this persons childhood... no way of knowing if they were physically or emotionally abused as a child...I do know that today that person is affiliated with a prestigious university and has access to any psychological/emotional counseling that could help a 50 plus year old stop doing those things that one would expect of a 15 year old.
I have met another person in Secondlife that again, I know nothing about past history... but this person has shown a pattern of controlling behavior and emotional abuse of just about anyone they ever came in contact with.
I have told people in the past that I came from a terribly disfunctional family.
{You know that family got along just fine after I left =^..^=}
I've spoken before about my extremely checkered past... a history of drug abuse, people abuse, violence, long periods of custody...and yet I kinda think I turned out OK. Today I can find any number of people both here in Secondlife as well as real life to cosign my act.
The qwestion I pose is : Why the difference?
Why do I meet so many that truly love to help where ever they can?
I won't give a list of names here... that's not what these ramblings are about..suffice it to say that our estate at Benares has an abundence of those people. Honest caring ethical people that want to try and help me carry forth the dream I had over two years ago when I named our island.
Why do I find so many that only seem to want to destroy anothers happiness?
I was reading one of Lalo Tellings early posts ...yesterday, I think.
He posed the qwestion about, "How do you feel about the furry community?"
You see, I had forgotten that the same people that griefed a discussion group on Friday evening tend to have serious links to groups that have harassed the furry sims in the past.
Why is the denial level so high with some people?
If I go to Cathedral you mean those dragons aren't really dragons?
If I go to Luskwood that wolf/dog/cat/giraffe isn't really a wolf/dog/etc?
You mean those are really humans?
I love Secondlife. I love the original premise, "Your world ...Your imagination".
I realize that there never has been a utopia...there never will be a utopia as long as that "human condition" exists... and yet here we can come as close as we ever could.
I also realize that pretty much everyone wants to, " Do their own thing" or.... "I got mine.. you work for yours". Yet both myself, and certainly the two that help me in the actual operation of this estate, share my views. Views that say why not take a few minutes of screen time to help another with no thought of renumeration....
Just makes a nicer world.
I'm much too old to believe I can change the world...
But I am old enough to believe that I can lead by example...
And you can as well...
I know for and absolute fact that many avatars still in Secondlife today will tell you they stayed because some one reached out a hand or paw and said, "Hi, Secondlife can be a little confusing at first...would you like a little help?"
In my case Prissielou Flora, She was three and a half years in Secondlife when she found me...
Priss, thank you for making me feel, "a part of".
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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