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Monday, March 22, 2010


Look at how old these avatars are, and these were just the ones in our immediate area that clicked on the age finder.
Luskwood screen snip...{sorry not all were rezzed, took this via camera
from a long ways away, didn't have a lot of time to go and socialize}
Just a few lines this evening about a wonderful place... A place that's often seen as a little strange by some... If you haven't taken the time to get to know some of Secondlifes Furry community you might be missing something.
A new girl stopped by and as is common with many new people they start wondering where all the people are in Secondlife. We see sixty thousand on line... and then we log on and the place seems empty.
The thing is yes, there are sixty thousand online, but there are thirty thousand regions, so that's two people per region.
Then you find there are places with a lot of traffic and that leaves many empty regions.
One place that's rarely empty is Luskwood. Luskwood is the oldest community in Secondlife, a place inhabited by Secondlifes furry community.
I have never had even a bad moment at Luskwood, as opposed to all the so called "welcome areas" and some of the infohubs, so I took Mikeala there for her first introduction to what Secondlife could be.
If you read the rezz dates on many of the people you find at Luskwood you see a lot of dates from 2003/4/5 and later...people that are interested in making ....that's keeping Secondlife a place where new people are warmly welcomed .
Where new people can ask qwestions and get honest reliable answers without fear of being embarrassed.
Where, no matter how long those older residents have been here, they still remember the wide eyed innocence so many of us had in our first days and weeks here.
Luskwood still welcomes me warmly after 3 years.
I'm not a gregarious creature in any life and in many situations I may well be the least technically astute... at Luskwood none of that seems to matter. When Mikeala and I went I didn't remember/recognize any names, but inside of thirty seconds I'm sure I can speak for both of us when I say that we felt a warmth and an emotional connection... the place makes you feel good.
My experience in Secondlife has been that those who come and try to improve this platform, for the most part, are the ones that stay long term.
Yes, I can take you to Ahern or Waterhead and point out rezz dates prior to mine... but it seems that many of those "hangers on" {the ones whose idea of a Secondlife experience is standing at a welcome area and using it just as a chatroom with pictures} aren't the ones that really contribute to this platform.
My feeling is that in any society it's necessary to actually contribute something positive...
Someday either I will leave you... or Secondlife will leave us...
On that day I want to feel that I made a difference... a positive difference.
I hope you feel that way as well.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

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