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Friday, March 19, 2010

Second Oldest Secondlife Resident?

Taken from IM history cause I couldn't copy/paste & I'm lazy
Look at the rezz date!
More hopefully as I dig deeper.... Secondlife TOS prevent me from posting this to a couple of you that I know are working on Secondlife history...
YES! I saw Alice yeserday...{didn't I read that lewis Carroll had a substance "abuse" issue?}
Gosh I love Tim Burton.... If you can make time to see this movie... and if you have a young daughter take them. Girls need all the positive reinforcement we can provide.
And so it goes
love to all, brinda

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  1. Thank you for promoting my effort, Brinda. *blushes a little*

    I've come across Paul's name in my research, too. I believe you've found SL's second-oldest non-Linden Resident. You can also find, near the base of Steller's Beanstalk in Welsh, a reproduction of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, built by Paul in October 2003.