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Monday, March 8, 2010

A little History, Old & New

This is a "cutting" from the beanstalk...details below.
Landmark screenshot with other creations in background... ***
I have posted before about Secondlife history...
11/23/2009 and 11/25/2009 {Darn guess you'll have to copy/paste.}
Among the beanstalk, balloon, stone hand, and a couple of other things found at this location...
is the "cutting" from the beanstalk first created in March 2002 by Stellar Sunshine.
I bought it for 50L$...If I remember correctly it's something like 10 prims or so...
But I want it in an effort to help preserve some of the old Secondlife history.
I intend to post on Twitter, as well as asking all the oldtimers I can find, for any information of objects still available in world from the early days.
If any of you know of objects around from pre 2005 please let me know.
Otherwise things will go the way of Svarga...just a memory now.
I'm so pleased to announce that Barbara's back! The connectivity stuff was repaired.
Fortunately Linden Lab had a toll free telephone number in the portion of the EU where Barbara lives, makes it so much easier.
I now have Lita taking care of tier boxes for may see her on your parcel . She will have a tag on saying tier manager.
The job is important, all of us occasionally rezz something on our parcel that has more prims than we have available.. the first thing that happens is objects that aren't yours get returned {my tier boxes}. When boxes go into inventory they stop recording time and I would hate to have anyone feel any qwestions about the number of days tier left.
No one's seen Bubbles for 6 weeks now... I have sent off world emails but had no response, I do hope she's Ok and returns someday...she was always such a bright spot anywhere one found her.
We recently had a rather strange avatar hanging around. One resident reported this account just hovering off her skybox. An employee told me that the *visitor* was exceedingly rude to her.
If you find anyone on your land that you don't want.. .you can eject them and ban them from your parcel. Please promptly report those situations to myself, Ling, or Poly and we will estate ban. In the above situation Poly ejected and I banned.
There was also a "premptive ban" done a little earlier...a visitor of a former resident that has some disturbing text on his profile indicating his possible association with griefing groups was summarily banned. He knows no one here now and a manager made a good decision... I will not allow problems for our community to develope if there's a way out.
I guess that's all the news for now =^..^=
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda Namaste

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