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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Courtesy of my cousin Lynn in New Mexico
Courtesy of Nasa and the Hubble telescope...(a very long ways out}.
Often the distances I see can be both further than I thought and at the same time as close as my skin.
And just as often my skin doesn't fit as well as I'd like. Darn it... after so many years on this planet...and so many years of practise I still sometimes find it hard to see the reality that this world is not here to please me. My gosh, aren't we supposed to learn that in kindergarten... or grade school?
I sat straight up in bed last night...I knew exactly what pictures I wanted for this blog even before my concious mind knew what I wanted to talk about.
My friend Polys been missing for a week plus... now not really "missing", she did tell me that she had some real life business to take care of.
Poly and I are a little over 2000 kms apart real life and will never meet, and yet at least for me... we are closer than I am with my own daughter. {That's where those pictures above come in}.
Close or far...Doesn't it depend on where you stand? Ask the ant on an oak tree if that tree is alive and you would hear, "No, my family has lived here for countless generations and it hasn't moved."
In the true scale of life if we can see something... it's close.
As close as those two wild horses...
As close as I am with so many of you...
If I weren't close I wouldn't feel the pain of loss.
Here in Secondlife I have had the gift of meeting so many of you... and meeting you on a level that's difficult to achieve anywhere but a virtual world.
Lindsay, one of my newer friends quoted me a line from a song a day or two ago, a line I promptly paraphrased, but it did touch on the idea. She left me the link to the correct version in a comment yesterday and I'd like to share it with all of you, listening to this has helped me with getting my skin to fit a little better today.
Please enjoy....
More confusing stuff for me... If I find that I don't like you {for whatever reason}, I leave you alone. If asked about you I will likely just steer the conversation elsewhere, and if there's an attempt to pin me down I try to only say something like, "We don't agree". I also have a reputation that I will never say behind your back what I've not already said to your face.
That leads me to a situation last evening.
One of the more controversial members of Secondlife has a discussion group on Friday evenings and if I can I like to attend. Last evenings meeting was *shadowed* by a group here in Secondlife that has been accused of griefing in days not so long ago. An hour into the meeting all the attending discussion group members started crashing... rather odd crashes... slow while I don't know for certain that the shadowing group members were responsible it seemed odd that 10 or 12 people would, one at a time, crash. Oh btw, the shadowing group members bear much ill will to the leader of the discussion group... coincidence? Maybe.
I guess where I'm going with this is ...why? Now if the shadowing group was responsible, and they were kids...OK.. perhaps they didn't have as much parental control as they could have used. These are adults... people I deem adult...some not in their 2os or 30s but 50s.
In this case I think I see my way as the better choice, it makes my skin fit better.
I have so few answers to much of what confronts me in life... today I took solace in a long chat with Ling. Ling and I have been doing Secondlife since late 2007 I think, she was with me before I left Arrazura... we did Lythria together. While I have children ten years older than Ling, I should be blessed that they had her wisdom and tolerance where people are concerned.
Ling and I are as close...and yet as far apart as any two people could be. Help and love is where one finds it.
What's that line? I'm not the person I strive to be...but thank goodness I'm not the person I was.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda
I honour that place where the universe resides in you...When you are in that place and I am as well , then we are one.
इ होनौर ठाट प्लेस वेयर थे उनिवेरसे रेसिदेस इन यू...व्ह्वं यू अरे इन ठाट प्लेस एंड इ ऍम अस वेल, थें वे ऐ ओने.

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