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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Beanstalk first rezzed March 2002...Imported to Secondlife grid 2003 Still considered to be the oldest resident creation in Secondlife.
Beanstalk flower...Stellers
Crab owned by Steller..created by another
Creation Titled "Pixel Painter"...Stellers
Lantern and Post...Stellers
Water Tower...Stellers
Her cabin... sold to Dawson Murphy.
All the above were created by Steller Sunshine, Secondlifes very first resident. ***
These last few days myself and many others have seen a resurgence of interest in Secondlife history. For as good a take on why that might be happening, as well as a lot of great information as to actual dates, times, and photos please take a moment to read Lalo Tellings recent post. "Persistence of Vision".
All the objects I have pictured except for the beanstalk and the cabin I went ahead and bought.
What price is our history? And if you read some of Lalo's thoughts one can see that we truly exist here at the financial whims of Linden Research or business health in general.
I think we all understand that we won't always be here in this grand experiment...this place where on Benares alone we have people from 12 countries.
Yesterday was such a wonderful day where I live... The temperature was in the low eighties F.
We had a strong breeze blowing from the coastal mountain ranges out to sea that took all the air pollution away. Today I want to take my camera out and take some pictures of where I live and share them here.
Still thinking about the lines above about nothing being permanent... That's certainly the main premise of Buddhism, and yesterday out of the clear blue I was remembering the year I spent in southern Maine.
It was the winter of 1959/1960...It seems like last year it's so vivid to me...and yet it's more than a lifetime for so many in this world.
I think today I will do something that I first read of some years ago.
This man found that he loved Saturdays more than any other day of the week...Saturday mornings he could lie in bed, plan his weekend at leisure and feel that all was right with his world. One morning lying there thinking, he figured out, based on his life expectancy, just how many more Saturdays he would likely have. Later that day he purchased a small fishbowl and several bags of marbles... he placed a marble in that bowl for every Saturday he felt he was expected to have. Every Saturday morning after that when he got up he would take a marble out of the bowl and throw it away.
The story ended with him saying that two years ago he had thrown away the last marble... and that all his days were now gifts.
I have felt this thing that I'm allowed to do with all of you is a gift that I'm not sure I deserve.
It's certainly not something that I foresaw at any level., the residents of Benares, and all those who have touched my life here are precious gifts.
I want to live long enough to see those gifts as I still see the Maine trees shrouded in snow that winter nearly 50 years ago.
And so it goes
Love, brinda

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