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Friday, March 12, 2010

Old Friends... Help from Friends...and Luck!

Shayne is getting moved in... So nice of Flor to help with a house build. After close to three years here my houses look like sloppy boxes with badly fitting lids... I have the greatest respect for those that can create. My one talent is mapping textures...Like another of my friends, being OCD works great for that!

Maxie... This parcel and build have been a long time coming....

You know, trying to say you care more for one resident than another is much the same as saying you care more for one child than the other... but Maxie has a place in my heart.

I met Maxine at one of the HIs over a year ago... she came to Benares... picked up a few pointers on Secondlife and went exploring. Occasionally I would see her avatar at our guest house but she rarely had much to say.

I do look through our group names frequently to kinda check on last log-ins and saw that Maxie was still active.

I was greatly surprised a few days ago when I got note from her saying she had gotten a parcel here and wanted a little advice on her choice of a house. Another of my friends was commenting recently about how we see people buy a house, they come and rezz it only to find it's much too large to fit, {no sense of size.} Maxies choice was a house I had seen before and her sense of size was just fine.


My thing for years is that I would rather be lucky than good.

We had a resident that's been so busy rl that she's not logged in for three weeks. Earlier in this week I had taken her tier box into inventory after it went three days arrears. Parcel return always makes a mess... I hand return objects if it becomes necessary. This morning I went to return all her objects and there she stood... I'm so glad. I personally know the potential for a sense of loss if one were to log in to a home you thought you had only to find it gone...and possibly another living there. Btw... Yes, I know it's all pixels... and pixels is pixels... But I returned once to look at the first place I ever had in Secondlife after the estate owner sold the island and the new owner renamed. I felt that sense of loss... it was a very odd feeling. It's a sense of loss I still get if I go to Lythria where I had a very large piece of the sim. While it makes no rational sense it just does. ***

I'm collecting all the memorabilia I can find for Secondlife history. Along with a few objects from Stellar Sunshine, I've found old maps from 2002 and 2003, If anyone finds anything prior to 2005 please let me know.


OK my friends that's all today

And so it goes

My love to all of you, brinda




  1. brinda ~

    There's a thread at SLUniverse forum:

    and a SL Historical Museum:

    and I have begun photographing sites that remain from the early days, and collecting them here:

    The album is "under construction" in terms of captions and notes, so please forgive... It's also an on-going project, and will grow as I find, or am pointed to, more places. Please let me know what you find. :)

  2. Lalo thank you so much!
    I'll look and see what you've done.
    I have found a lot of Stellar Sunshines objects including her cabin, {now owned by Dawson Murphy a contemporary or hers}.

    It seems that the Lab deleted the old forums from before we came. I've read there were many pictures lost there.

    As an immersionist it's important to me to document as much of this as I can before it gets lost in the sheer volumne of information.