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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News day!

Yes, I have a hideout! Actually its not that big a secret...see if you can find it.
Part of my new parcel ideas, mini island
3600 meters/823 prim/7500L$ month.
Now that's not the real news....
The best news in some time is that Laurali is back!
Yes, I yelled (a little)... She was just really busy real life and time got away from her I guess.
I can't tell you how much I had missed her.
Other news... No ones seen Sophie for a few days. Now being gone for a couple days isn't nesessarily cause for alarm... but for one, time is a lot different in Secondlife...two, a lot of what causes pause is a sudden change in pattern. I've heard from a couple people that she normally chats with everyday...I hope all's OK.
I am going to send her an off world E-mail anyway.
I had a great chat with Sunna this afternoon... Was so nice..we hadn't sat down and talked for quite awhile. Sunna's from Lima and I have been to Peru before, so we had a few common things to talk about. She tells me that things are so much better than they were when I was there in the mid 1990s.
Not a lot going on... and sometimes that's a good thing =^..^=
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda
इ लव यू अल, ब्रिंदा

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