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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Changes Fear Ethics & Love

Can we get to a point in Secondlife now where we can't grow larger? A few years ago one of the first land barons... more accurately a land baroness... started Secondlife with her $9.95 premium membership and parlayed that ten dollars into a multimillion dollar a year business here. In November 2006, Business Week magazine posted her as the first millionaire made in a virtual world. I wonder are those days gone?...and if so, why? *** I imagine since the first cave guy/gal figured out a way to do something that everybody else wanted badly enough to trade something of value to receive {buy}...there has been competition to create that same widget and offer it for less. And if one has enough financial backing they could offer that widget at a loss just to get your business and sell you another object as well and still make a profit. Has The Benevolent Monarchy become a competitor instead of a landlord to the residents that have populated and created the content of Secondlife? ***

Meet LittleBlackDuck Lindsay... A really standup guy as I see it. And before you look at what he created... maybe look at this link.

Thirteen sims... nine land, four water... A wonderful Victorian setting, thirty thousand invested and he quit. The above link explains the why...or explains why He's calling it quits. And he's not the first to quit... keep in mind that the nine full sims cost him $2655 USD a month in server cost...with likely another nearly $400 for the water. Where I'm headed with this is to point out that as far as The Benevolent Monarchy is concerned his $36,000 dollars a year tier is of little consequence to them...never mind the income they would also receive from his nearly 400 resident transactions at Lindex, texture uploads etc. I was asked very recently if I anticipated the further growth of Benares... OK, what would you do? If the powers that be care little for a $36,000 a year do you think they view our $6500? Will we stay?...As I've said before,...Yes, we will stay. Grow?... Not at this time. *** I never aspired to be a Anshe or a Desmond {oh that's right, he left too} I've always wanted just what we have here now... a place that I think is one of beauty and camaraderie. I have made friends in Secondlife... many of them people that I would never have met except for this platform. I am always interested in what has kept people here and particularly those that contribute to the societal good. They tell me that the uncertainty I feel now is just a part of this experience...things have changed dramatically here before. *** Rereading this post, I'm sorry it rambles so. I guess my fears are showing again =^..^= *** I heard such a great line last night from my friend Lindsay...I'll have to ask her again where it comes from...but it been on my mind all night. paraphrasing..."while life is a race, it's only ourselves we are racing". *** And so it goes Forgive my games of fear, after 68 years and so many miles it's still hard to remember that some love me as much as I love you, brinda Namaste नमस्ते


  1. I have to admit Brinda, this story, that is LittleBlackDuck's story, was difficult to read. While I am confident such a creative and passionate person will soon be creating again somewhere somehow, to think someone's dream, passion and productivity could be squashed so easily is heartbreaking to me. I trust he has positively affected many people and feels their support at this time. Brinda, if tomorrow we find that all we enjoy can never be, I want you to know, you and your Benares mates have made my experience in SL joyful and everlasting. I won't miss you because you will always be with me. Beautiful, tall, woman - thank you!

  2. The exact quote is "Don't waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself. "
    They come form the song Everybody is free (to wear sunscreen). Written by Mary Schmich from the Chicago Tribune. The one who made it famous was an Aussie Baz Luhrmann
    The clip here

  3. From what I gather at the SLU forum, Desmond hasn't left, nor does he plan to, and all's well in Caledon. He did, however, send an expedition to colonize Mars -- that is, Blue Mars.

    LBD "Duck" Lindsay will return in an instance of OpenSim. In fact, so he says, he has a standalone running at home. For purely selfish reasons, I hope he connects the next iteration of Victoriana to OSGrid, because that's where I have my second virtual home... which brings me to my point: One is not forced to leave SL before branching into other worlds.

    I realize that owners of sims and estates in SL have a great deal more to consider -- and that all of it is, ultimately, economic. But... the huge majority of common Residents with a foot (or paw) in more than one world, for whom the more important "currency" is social, can and will maintain our connections in SL as we gradually convince out friends to join us as pioneers in places where the virtual air is not tainted with the stink of Linden incompetence and increasingly less benevolence.