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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holding on Gently

Smithy Miami has joined us! West shore mainside.
If you get a chance please welcome him.
I had an interesting question last that came just after I had sent an off-world Email to a resident. Btw I encourage all my residents to either forward IMs to Email...or as some of us have done... to create a Secondlife Gmail account {as mine, Brinda.Allen.SL@}.
Occasionally there comes a time when it might be necessary to reach you off world. Anyway I digress... My friend had talked about a relationship that she had almost given up on three years ago, and how today that relationship is so rewarding for her.
I had said that it's important to know how long to gently hold onto things or people or situations until you're sure you have nothing to learn from them.
A bit later I logged in to Secondlife and Sophie IMed me to ask how I was doing. Now my usual response real life is to tell people that I'm doing better than I ever thought I would. For me that's so true... some of you know a bit about my real life story and know that it's unlikely that I would have lived this long if things hadn't changed 21 years ago. But what I said to Sophie was, "I'm OK". Of course she asked, "Just OK?"....Hey! At my age OK is wonderful =^..^=
And then came the question...well two of them. First was, how are we doing landwise?...
And Second, did I ever anticipate enlarging Benares?
As you may have guessed by this point I've been thinking about both of those questions.
First, We are doing well...only three empty parcels {and as I logged in today I was asked about one of them}...and are we going to expand?
I didn't buy this estate to make money... to make enough money to matter would require me to do the old flat estates cut through with canals and have a lot of them. OK, I could do that financially....but not realistically.
Then there's the community thing...I bought the main island because I wanted a place in Secondlife and I was unwilling to fight the PN griefer battles anymore. A year or so later our community got large enough to justify two more homestead regions. The "Benevolent Monarchy" has said that they will increase my tier on those homestead regions in July by nearly 8,000L$ each...
I will gently hold onto what we have. I haven't learned all there is to learn here.
In January I promised that we would be here another year...we will. Next January I look forward to making that same promise.
This coming year is going to see as much change in Secondlife as the oldbies saw pre 2006.
I hope all of you continue to gently hold onto both me and what we have here.
There is still so much to learn, and if we hold on gently we will know when it's time to just as gently let go.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

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