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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to all

Benares today...looking Southeast from the corner of mainside and West
Club Attitudes parcel is bare...more below
Benares East...It's small, private, and wonderful neighbors
Porters place! (yes, UI and all) ***
Bottom to top... Porter joined us a couple weeks ago, then last week decided to make a commitment to make Benares her home in deed as well as word. This girl is another of those that continue to amaze three weeks I had finally figured out my three weeks she's making beds, pools, water curtain bed headboards! (And doing it with viewer 2.0)
Getting the opportunity to watch people grow in any life is one of my great joys. In our first lives that growth is spread over years and because it's slow it's difficult to sometimes see until I get those "quantum leaps" of recognition. With the apparent time compression of Secondlife it can be and almost daily thing. Btw, a very big thank you to Mucaro for, as always, making her walking rounds of mainside and welcoming all she sees. Over and over for us it's about community.
On that community note... I guess our resident Frenchman, Bernard, has left us again.
I haven't seen a login in a three weeks...and his former parcel out East is for sale again now.
I know as a real life artist and photographer his business often must take precedence over Secondlife, it's also a little more difficult to be an active member of this community where there is a language barrier, yes there are good translators but I suspect it's not the same.
Our group out West that has the Club Attitude parcel may well be leaving us. I saw a few days ago that what little was left on the sand was gone...further examination showed just a very few objects left according to prim usage.
Sadly they didn't spend too much time at beach level...I saw several skyboxes, I also think there was a cultural/age difference there as well. That's too bad, while I didn't get a chance to make contact with most of them...I did with Belize, the original person to move in. Gosh, I do wish them all well where ever they go if they are in truth leaving, and it was my pleasure at having them here.
Our girl that is in charge of the tier boxes, Lita, had asked me for a current promo screen shot of Benares... As I look at it I marvel at the changes...good changes I think.
A friend of mine has said, documenting our history in Secondlife can be fascinating and rewarding. I do wish I had taken more pictures. Those I have taken show just how far we've well as bring back memories of where we were.
I sent out a group notice last evening wishing all a happy Easter. While I know it's a religious celebration at's come to be a time for a celebration of life as well... just watch the children.
I also sent out a tiny Easter gift, probably the first thing I ever created in Secondlife... Bunny ears... ala Playboy...for those not in the Benares group I will try and send them out by friends list. And don't tell me that you boys can't wear them! Come on...make an effort! =^..^=
And so it goes
Happy Easter to all
Please know that I love you all, brinda

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