"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a time to say...Until we meet again.

Some of my unfinished business.... I have spoken before on something here in Secondlife I call *time compression*. If you have spent more than a few weeks in Secondlife you soon see that time is distorted here, a few weeks seems like months, months turn into feeling like years. Perhaps much of that is the intensity this platform creates for some. It becomes very easy to get attached to people as well as the roles we all end up playing. I'm certainly not immune...I confess to my bit of pixel infatuation in those first few weeks/months, and if that person were to log in today..... I'm not sure how I would act. I don't want to get into the mixing of real life/secondlife and the success/horror stories that we all hear, dangerous stuff that. I do want to maybe let go of these feelings I've had now since I returned from India mid February. The rest of this post is dedicated to one of the sweetest, most endearing creatures ever.... Bubbles Muggins. Bubbles little place today...It's a daily reminder of her for me. There couldn't be two more different people...age wise, 50 years different...avatar height, a bunch! Her name was so fitting...every statement was closed with!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kid has a joy of life rarely seen in anyone of any age.

Yes she had girly avies as well...this capture from the last Halloween party we had. And yet THIS was Bubbles...I look at this picture and think, "Hi Brinda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She could be so funny...a sense of the absurd, and a sense of humanness one doesn't often see.

She wanted a place here and insisted on working to pay for it, so I hired her to manage tier boxes...and as a benefit she became a goodwill ambassador here.

(Yes, I set up a sensor so I would know if she really was looking at tier boxes...she never missed a day without letting me know).

This picture was taken on the day her place was finished and flags she had asked about were in place.

We last spoke on February 2nd, less than 3 days before I left for India. She wished me love and said that she would also be off world for a couple weeks...I've never spoken to her again.

And Bubbles, I miss you so darned much, any family would be so blessed to have a member such as you. We were blessed to have you for a long Secondlife time and I love you child.

Your place will remain as long as there is a Benares

*** Who am I to say what is right? Or possible? Or correct?

My job?...serve...breathe...and remember with love...

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the butterfly calls paradise. And so it goes

I love you all, brinda




  1. Oh my. I'm sure she's ok, but I bet ya'll miss her a lot.

  2. I have hope Boyd...thank you