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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Passion and Truth

Keep in mind that I'm not a terribly social any life. I have gotten so much better here in Secondlife but those of you that can do what I saw Porter do yesterday just blow me away. Porter has been in Secondlife a day or so over six weeks and early on I heard her say something about she was a singer. Now I've heard people tell me they were singers both worlds...rarely was that true. Yes, all of us can *sing*...most all of us shouldn't! This girl can SING! She caught me in-world yesterday about noon and mentioned that she was to perform at two. I had "stuff" to's not that important...she won't know if I'm there or not..(that parts true lol). Recently she had mentioned she had done a show and my comment was, "Oh I wish you had told me!". I really do try and tell the truth. So if I really wished she had told me......then go. I am so glad I went... I intend to group notice future performances and encourage all of you to take the time to hear this woman. Porter Paquot, check her out.

Here are a couple of screen shots I took of the performance...

Porters dance animations were so fitting. She has such great stage presence and the true professionals ability to draw her audience in to the show with a constant reminder that she understands that people want to be communicated with...not sang "at", or talked "at".

Seeing this kind of crowd on a Friday early afternoon is impressive.

Latest metrics show Secondlife's slowest concurrency is Friday afternoon until Tuesday early pm. ***

What's so important about Porters activities in Secondlife is that she has found a purpose...a passion here. I firmly believe that to continue in this virtual world one must find something that makes you *want* to be here. Shopping will only last so long...pixel sex won't last either...intimate relationships are what makes this platform into a world. Intimate in the true sense of the word...


I hope all that read this find your own passion...let's stay as long as the lights are on!

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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  1. Awww Brinda - too kind for words. I'm just a girl who loves to sing. Happy to find my place in world (and out) and be able to share myself with others this way. Love always, Porter