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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


While I've worked very hard to have Benares I've had so much help along the way. Yes, a year ago things got very tough for me here. I owe a debt of gratitude to a few close friends that I just couldn't let down. The pictures below are my reward. Marianela is new to Benares but not new to she was telling me that when she logs on her neighbors IM her with "Good morning". That's what I wanted when Lala and I set that first tree over two years ago...a community. *** Some new residents...some are new to Secondlife...some aren't...I hope all stay. to us...older than I here in Secondlife... Sabres new place... Porters on South Shore... Marianelas out East... east... Our place... East sea...Today I saw Lynn and a friend riding a jetski from her place on West over here.Center right is Polys Orca...{waited a long time to catch him breeching!}


I did get an Email from Barbara in Germany...she's super busy with work projects as well as her degree...she told me that she will return. I do hope so, such talent is good for Secondlife.


I'm trying to find the time to mentor again...working with Lori reminds me of why I do all of this.


Our Ling is in Japan visiting her military friend...left on 6th for....2 weeks? I think. Ling, if you read this, I miss you.

Twinkle was in world recently... I took Porter up to skypad to visit. I will never tire of telling all that read this...if it wasn't for Twinkle I wouldn't have had the courage to do Benares. Her I also miss. Lastly... last evening the server that runs Benares lost a lot of data...several parcels around the Northeast corner lost easily over a thousand objects...I did a region restart to no avail...and this morning around 9am Linden lab did a rollback for me. That took us back to before we lost objects...thankfully it was so late that no one was on mainside. The danger in rollbacks is that if some one rezzes a "no copy" object in world... when the rollback occurs that object ceases to exist That's a perfect example of what I wouldn't have known how to handle two years ago...:-). I didn't sleep well last evening believe me.

And so it goes

Thank you all for making this dream come true

I love you all, brinda



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