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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goodbye Andor....

There are several things going on just now in my lives. I say lives because while in so many ways my first life is so separate from this secondlife, it is also intertwined. *** The pictures above and immediately below are Linden Labs new user experience. This is Welcome Island Public..there are around one hundred of these islands and they have replaced the old Help Islands. I have explored these new experiences briefly..I'm not sure..perhaps all this will work out... as you will read below, all things change here. *********************************************************** Below...The last Mentor. This is a re post of this picture...I originally took this picture on December 11th, 2009. The day Linden lab disbanded the Secondlife Mentor group. Now Blue has come home...these islands are gone.
For those that read this now and have joined Secondlife in the last six months the Mentors were a volunteer group that made strong contributions to helping not only new residents but anyone that asked.
Were there those that lost sight of the original mission? Probably, but not all. The picture above spoke to me so strongly on that morning in December... my blog post the following day was titled "Sadness Personified"...the picture still speaks to me.
Last week Blue was the last Secondlife Mentor to leave the old Help Islands... She stayed until she and a few independent mentors were teleported to the mainland on login as the old help islands no longer existed.
As a Secondlife Mentor she had the ability to teleport to and from those islands...until that day in December...on that day she stayed, for to leave meant she could never return to help those that were seconds old. She was the last.
She's not forgotten...I know she's still helping...
Blue...Thank you
Another story now...for some of us a rather sad story.
I received a note from my dear friend Andor today...He's informed me that he's leaving Secondlife.
First, I take that message with sadness...Andy and I only sat a couple of times and had deep conversations, but I found that we shared so much in our attitude towards many esoteric ideas.
Second, I need to stop making everything about me and rejoice in Andys new adventure.
I hope many of you had a chance to explore Andors creations while we had him with us.
Benares wasn't the first home in Secondlife for him... but I believe it was the longest.
His note to me said that while the day will come that he can no longer remember with clarity what his place looked like here... he will never forget the people he met.
Andy, I can only hope you return someday. You will be missed.
A parcel named Bliss. ***
And so it goes
I love and care for so many here, brinda Namaste

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