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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Friend....(small soapbox)

I had a visitor to Benares a couple of days ago... My friend Drew. I have known Drew for sometime now, we have shared IMs from afar, but our recent meeting was our first face to face. Our connection came about because we both used to spend a lot of time volunteering on the recently deleted Help Islands. I didn't think to get an image capture of Drew when she came to visit...such a cute avatar. As you can see from the pictures below, Drews main concern wasn't self promotion, it was sincerely trying to help as many new residents as she could. While it is possible for both she and I to continue to try and improve that first hour experience one avatar at a time, it's not as easy now. We used to have ten to fifteen new residents around and no one harassing we get to try and compete with mainland lag...viewer 2.0...and various "helpful" people. (continued below)...

Drew is another that's making a difference...She has no ulterior motive...She has always been kind and patient. And if you've ever spent time trying to dress a new person while answering questions from two more at the same time, that's a definition of patience. {... at the same time trying to fend off the pixel sex advances from a third!}


Our Benares is close to mini islet out West, one 2048 West shore mainside, a couple of starter parcels on North shore, and Twinkles 1024 rental on South shore.

Of course my heart says I could add another homestead and my brain asks me if I've started drinking again! Not yet!

Never say never...but first there's the coming tier increase expected in July. An increase I feel would be unfair to pass on to those residents that have places East and West so that's not going to happen.

And then there's just the time it takes to attempt to provide as much personal service as I feel our residents deserve.


I do have one thing to say...something that has bothered me all night last night.

I never ever publicly chat about another residents choice of life style, role play, the way they dress in Secondlife...(assuming they aren't naked)...or any other choice someone might make here. I find any personal public attacks to be repugnant and uncalled for.

Assuming their choices don't violate the Linden labs TOS, or the stability of our region. I would suggest that if one were to find anothers life style something you have a problem with...take it private...once. After that one time private chat....I guess the choice would be to either get over it or to move on.

I'll get off my little soap box now... nuff said.


Chase a dream much is possible And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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