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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Katy Feden...the end of an era.

The end of an era at Secondlife. Over these last nearly six years new residents have all had a similar experience upon joining Secondlife. There aren't very many people left from the earliest "new user experiences", 2003/4. So most of us in world today likely came here after the second version of Orientation Island, circa 2007. If memory serves me correct, early 2008 saw the end of Orientation Island and the *mandatory tutorials*, and from then until first part of April this year, most new accounts started at the Help Islands... numbered from 201 to 240.

This was Help Island 225...


Katy Feden entered Secondlife there May 7th 2009....

And stayed until those islands were deleted in April 2010, She logged on today to see the notice that her last location is no longer available. She was likely the last Independent Mentor left on that island.

***************************** When Katy "came home" today, she was greeted by two of the hundreds she had helped during those 300 odd days, both instantly recognized her, the first by sight...the second just by IM.

Is Katy just a throw away account? Not to Flor or Sophie...or to many more that remain nameless now.

Katy Feden wasn't my only alt that's true, and I suppose the feelings I have there are because Katy was the end of an era for Secondlife.

We all remember how we felt upon our first login...excited...and more than a little confused. Those that make the biggest impression on us tend to be our first friend, those that help us, and of course the ones that create grief.

While that era has gone...and the new one may well be better...I will always remember the times I got a chance to be the first friendly face so many saw, that chance was priceless.

Katy will remain on Benares

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda



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