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Sunday, April 11, 2010

For What it's Worth

I have touched the waters of the Ganges river at Varanasi India... may I not add to my sins as I finish this life. **********************************************************

I would like to share the text of an E-mail sent in reply to a dear friend.

I have asked their permission to print this even though I have edited any identifying details.

There always those of us that have a need to really sit down and talk from the be able to share those feelings that allow us to be be vulnerable.

For what it's worth...

It's important you never feel you need to apologize to me for sharing your soul, everyone needs to have a place they can come and talk. For some it's Catholic confession, others find a place like that old TV show "Cheers". You have found your place in Secondlife. I think you might agree with me that you are not quite as naive as you were when we first met on that walkway outside of Ahern a couple years ago... With worldliness comes knowledge...not all knowledge is at first easy to understand. Children are so open at first, so loving...until the wear and tear of the simple things like playing with friends starts to close their heart. Children can be mean, often not because they're trying to be mean, but because they have no filters. Later in my life I got to the point that I felt nothing if I physically hurt people...I had lost that place in me that would allow me to feel compassion. If you're not compassionate no one can hurt's safe...and a terrible way to live. I don't see you ever becoming that way. You are growing up, I know that sounds be growing up as a grandmother...but the pain you experience now is the pain of growth. I ask you to do something for me, and you. Experience that pain...and know that not everyone gets to where you are. Many around you have more than you...and haven't really earned it...many others will have less than you...and they didn't earn or deserve that either. It's a wise person that can acknowledge that their choice to help another cost them material things that they once saw as indispensable...the gift is in the must willingly give away what's important to them to appreciate that gift. Welcome to the path of enlightenment. I have found a love in SL that I can't experience RL. RL is 68 we become SL I'm not invisible...I'm cared for and about. And so too you will always be. I plan on being in SL until they turn out the lights...its the people...not the "love affairs"...not the content creation...its the people. It's the joy of seeing you planting pixel grass's the joy of helping you find a lost rug under a house...the joy of sitting quietly next to you on a fence watching the pixel sun come up over the SL water. It's the sheer joy of watching so many of you learn and grow. I have dressed over one thousand new people in SL...I base that on how many are in our group and figure that four out of five never joined us. The gift was in the giving...four of you that I've tried to help currently have a place on Benares... If tomorrow I were to lose my ability to keep Benares, we will go somewhere else... I know there are three or four of us that would continue on...until they turn out the lights. And so it goes My blessings go on My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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  1. Can't agree more with what you wrote. At least for me too, it is the people that makes SL so special.