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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Music box...(Oh, and being a good person.)

We are surrounded by so much talent here in Secondlife.... Some of that talent is put to good use in so many ways... Look at the music box I found at my friend Angela's shop. The level of detail is astonishing... yes its a touch high in prims (18)... {so if you've elected to inhabit one of the Linden "assisted living" places this will be a luxury you can only look at in a sandbox}. I'll include a URL to Angela's blog at the's worth a peek. *** Another place Angela contributes to the quality of Secondlife is her community involvement... She attends a lot of the important meetings that end up concerning us all...{and, at least for me, translates those meetings into language we can understand}. I haven't posted, "those that make a difference" in some time... she's one. ***

(I will donate a music box to the first person that can tell me how I took this image capture... you see the music box is sitting on my outstretched hand, palm up.) Now Poly knows how...{and I'll cut her out of my will if she tells!} This music box plays on touch, the gears turn, the textures are perfect. Darn her anyway, I'm so jealous ROFL.


I'm so out of time this morning...later today perhaps I want to write about another person that has made a difference in Secondlife, Drew Stromfield.

Drew came to see me last evening...I think you will love the story.

Until then

And so it goes

As always my love to you, brinda



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