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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Flors Place... East Shore Mainside
A Great View Out Over The East Basin...And a Wonderful Place to share a Cup of Tea
The Title of This Post..courtesy of Breye
Many thanks to Breye for the above notecard.
I've been reading that note for a couple days now...and the longer I look at what it says...the less sure I am of why I'm in any ones life...or they in mine.
I sat on the roof of Flor's house last evening...sharing good conversation and hot tea.
If you haven't met Flor...please do take a moment if you see her at home to drop in and say hello. During our chat last evening Flor said something I've heard a few times before...thats that if she hadn't found Benares and our people... She wouldn't have stayed in Secondlife.
Does that please me...of course. Do I believe her...yes. Do I believe it's justified...I hope so.
I heard that statement again just this morning from a friend in her Email to me.
Those of you that know me know that Benares is labour of love...I hope a refuge of both serenity and fun...and while it was my dream...I have had so much help since I established this place.
My goal has remained the same from day one...there have been a few changes...some I know have improved us...and some I hope have.
Odds and ends....
Last evening Callme and Ronin moved to a larger parcel....{there's always a prim battle lol}. While Poly was terraforming for them I see Andor rowing his boat around the sim with Callme along for the's things such as that that let me believe that this community thing we have is the answer to the vast emptiness of Secondlife.
Under the heading of stuff I don't get...
I'm led to believe that there's a way of *griefing* going on in Secondlife that disturbs me. Actually all griefing disturbs me...but this causes financial loss...and as I've said before...I can understand organized crime and their contract murders {not condone...understand}.
"Nothing personal...just business".
This griefing involves sending false Abuse Reports...not just one, but having a group of people or their alts conspire to falsely accuse someone of almost anything in order to get them suspended for a period of time. Is it jealousy? Random meaness? I don't get it.
I want to start posting interesting places here as well as "news" {read gentle gossip =^..^=}..So if anyone finds places that speak to them, or certainly historical places...please let me know. It seems the apparent *time compression* in Secondlife makes things of just a few months or a year ago seem so much longer. And, like the beanstalk of Stellar Sunshine...I think it's perhaps important to document this life.
And so it goes
My love always, brinda

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