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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our Perceptions...What One Sees Another Doesn't picture credit: Imnotgoing Sidewise
Hope Village...The View From a Wheelchair is Different
Immy...What I See is Someone That Cares
picture credit: Prokofy Neva
January 2009...What You See Wasn't What Was There
I'm sorry I missed yesterday...While my head runs 24/7 and saying most of what I'm thinking has become great therapy as well as an obsession , it always seems like there's *stuff* to do.
The evening before created a lot of different feelings. Everyday I try to, *make my rounds*, teleporting to Ross, Morris, Isabel, Waterhead...just looking for a feeling of what's going on in Secondlife. Ross is always my first stop....It was where I entered Secondlife, my first "home" location and so has a special place in my memories here.
Now as I teleported in, I could see on radar that it was going to be interesting...Prokofy was there clearing the bulletin board and Immy was helping a new guy change his default clothes.
For those that don't know the story...suffice it to say...there's no love lost on at least one of their behalf's. {Details here: }.
Now, not wanting to keep all the entertainment to myself, I IMed one of my friends to the *show* =^..^=. And that friend told another..and another...and soon we had a party :-)
After a few coming and goings...things settled down...and while a couple of my friends had heard me speak of was the first time all had met.
With Immy a lot of what ya see is what ya get...She has given me good advice when I asked...and that meeting at Ross wasn't the first time I've seen her helping people.
Darkly Cute is her shop...and her attitude...look at the third picture. She's self descibed as a lil creepy. And I think a good soul. My Perception, yes.
Yesterday I explored a wonderful region...Hope Village. Secondlife is so much hope for so many. Among many other disability issues, we have people in Secondlife that physically can't stand because of physical limitations. In Secondlife these same people can dance, they can fly...what a gift!
Perhaps take 2minutes 48 seconds to realize that Secondlife is where that gift can be had.
My perceptions of *problems* melts away standing at Hope Village. I think yours will also.
Looking at the picture of Benares from nearly a year ago... One can see there have been a lot of changes, and while that picture looks peaceful...there was an undercurrent then that made life go in a direction that wasn't dedicated to the good of all. I'm glad we survived and I hope I finally learned something completely that my Mother told me so long ago.... "It's not wise to judge the inside looking at only the outside". Perception.
Had an interesting chat last evening at Help Island 224. While I can't *take this info to the bank*, I believe that the first of December may well see the end of the Secondlife entry experience as we know it now. Take a look at this
There has been chatter on the forums for quite awhile that Linden Lab was going to *outsource* the entry experience. The way things have gone, retention rates have been around 10%...(I'm not sure of how long is "retention").
In the next few weeks I plan on taking some pictures of these Help Islands. The way pictures have become so important to me lately...I want someday to be able to share pictures of where I've spent so many hours. I'm interested if any of you has any pictures of the old Orientation Islands or the first Help Islands.
While we can be anonymous as alternate accounts in Secondlife...I gather that some of *the powers that be* know exactly who brinda is...{and sound like they're OK with my act}.
One of my "Kates" was addressed as brinda last eve on HI224 by someone who has been here since early 2004 and will be pretty much running a Gateway. When people like that tell me they want me to be a part of what they are doing....It overwhelms me.
Such a long strange trip this life has been.
It has changed my perception of myself.
And so it goes
Please be kind, some struggle under heavy loads.
I love you all, brinda

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