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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Lack of Fear

**A View of Our Home Looking Across the North Edge of Our world**
Relax there's time...
There us so much to learn and so little time to learn it in. I know this will sound trite to many of you....but it is true that youth is wasted on the young. {I told you trite was the operative word =^..^=}.
Life is short...and most of you will say that you know....(You really have to go a long way down the road before you understand just how short this life truely is).
Our Halloween party was a success...not because of anything I did...I just showed up! Poly rezzed the structure and modified it to look really abandoned {I saw what a job she had done when I went up to clear the site the next day}. Ling and Lala along with Poly did the decorations....I sat on a hay bale and mumbled.
The evening came...I got all ready to play radio stations for music.....................and Angel showed up..introduced me to her friend DJ....and.......he's a Real life DJ! He offered to do the show for us... I was thrilled. His act made our party fantastic...and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.
Again I learned that my fears are so often the fear of an empty room. I've spoken before about being sober for many years now. One of the early things we learn in sobriety is that substance abuse isn't the real problem...It's our answer to the underlying problems. Almost without exception substance abusers are fear driven creatures...I certainly am. I ended up for years in situations where it wasn't OK to look or act like I was I learned to hide all that. Long after the scary places were gone...the learned behavior is what drove me and many others.
I'm not alone there...I've recruited Caro to help me mentor one of our residents. Caro works with the Second Ability group here in Secondlife, a group that mentors those that come to Secondlife with disabilites that likely would just roll me into a ball. I'm betting that with Caros help and residents desire to be able to better enjoy Secondlife...and the support of all of us at Benares, my friend will better be able to not only enjoy what we have here...but in the real life we all return to with Cntrl-Q.
Yes, Life is short and I need not waste more
And so it goes
Thank you for all your love, brinda

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  1. Hi Mom! The party was So many showed up...Love each and everyone of you!!