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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Explore Secondlife History

Explorer Magellin Linden "Discovered" *The Moth Temple*

The Remains of Magellin's Airship

Oil Rig on The Tug Boat Route
Set Midnite...You Will See Where Our Prims Are Made
Fun stuff...The Magellin Linden Exploration was the *excuse* for opening the Northern Continent some years ago...Thanks to Emerald derendering I was able to remove a few builds to kinda give an original feel to the picture.
Among Magellin's discoveries was The Moth Temple...ruins left behind by the Moth it's the Iris Info hub.
The Oil Platform is one of just a very few Linden builds {best viewed at midnite} can see prims sliding down a chute for shipment to inventory secondlife =^..^= This is a location where Phillip Linden occasionally held in world meetings....wait a few minutes and catch a ride on the tug boat that travels across three ocean sims. {If you do ride...sit...don't stand'll have a tough time resitting}..(voice of experience!). Moth Temple...Great day or night...Iris 202,138,30. Magellin Linden crash site...Columbia 170,110,29 Oil Platform...ANWR 105,170,40 And so it goes History that's fun! My Love always, brinda Namaste

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