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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Gift of Ears

***Katties back home***
*** Da Angel...Home***
Of the many gifts I've received from creating Benares and being a part of our community...that of watching people grow is high on the list.
One of today's pictures is a different view of Angels place...not because her place is better or worse or any visible criteria...but because of her history with this community. My last picture was of Angelic's place...this is DaAngels=^..^=. Angel. Angel was the very first resident at Benares {not counting the *first four*, {Ling, Lala, Twinkle, and myself}. If you speak to Angel in voice you will likely figure out where in the real world she's from...her voice is every bit as beautiful as she is.
Not long after Angel came she brought a "significant other" to join her. In many cases, Secondlife allows some of us to learn to set boundaries that perhaps wouldn't be so easily set in real life face to face situations. I am a big proponent of totally equality, and there are those that see my advice as meddling. {Advice almost always offered after a problem arises and advice is sought}.
After a few months Angel and the guy moved away...
A couple months later...Angel came back..{more often than not, those who leave Benares return}...She kept a low profile. She also paid off a few debts that had been
That's called honest.
She quietly moved to her current parcel as an alt when we got that homestead...she wasn't being sneaky...just not creating discontent with anyone.
Angel has returned....completely...nearly twenty months since Ling first brought her here. She has grown into a capable, self sufficient woman. A woman that can say "No" to a real life that would have had world travel and comfort. Why? Because it wouldn't have been what really makes her happy. My gift? Watching, providing this place, and just being a part of anothers life.
More Magic...
After experimenting with exploring new living places and around other people for a few months, as well as taking a break from Secondlife, Kattie returned to Benares.
As you can see...though she was away these past few days...she did rezz the house... it's still unfurnished...but she's returned home to the same corner parcel she left from. I won't go into detail now...I've touched on all that in recent posts, but Kattie too has learned that in order to be happy, the first master we must serve is ourselves.
The magic? Again getting being able to see growth in another human being.
Sometimes the hardest objective view is that of ourselves. Recently I've been able to see and appreciate the gifts and the magic that my mentors have given me.
I judge my progress by others...and that isn't an objective view. My tech mentors are two generations younger than I...{I remember when there was no broadcast TV :-) }.
I've heard some of things that these mentors tell me their real life co workers do...or can't/don't do....I'm coming along OK.
Perhaps the biggest gift for me?...It's *The Gift of Ears*. Translation? How about that line from and old rock song...."Just because you can see the stars don't (sic) mean you can see the light"?
Often it's difficult for many of us to listen to the words of others....particularly when the words come from those much younger.
If I read a lot of the doom and gloom preached by many on the forums or the various blogs.........
Content theft...(yes it's a problem).
Third party viewers...(don't know if that's as big a problem as purported).
Griefing...(yeah...pain if one creates hate....sometimes just a pain if one doesn't).
Linden land pricing...(pain! lol)
It's so easy to miss the gift we all received...Secondlife. A place where I got to grow...and to watch many of you grow as well.
A place where I've found friends on six continents.
The gift you all give me...
More than thank you I can't offer
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda


  1. Welcome back Kattie...
    Although your physical presents was not here, you never left our hearts.

    your friend,

  2. I was reading thru the older posts when I stumbled on this comment from ling.. I'm so happy to be back.. even if it isn't every day. Hopefully soon that will change and I can get back into the swing of things again. And to be truthful you all never left my heart either and thats why I can't stay away from Benears.

  3. Kattie and I just shared an E mail 'bout this...
    I recently got a note from a friend about the reasons some are in our lives...seasons, reasons, etc.
    Perhaps look forward to Tuesday November 24ths post.=^..^=