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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things That Make Me Go...Hmmm

Katina * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Lala Two that mean so much...You look at one's profile and think new...or doesn't care. The other looks so new here...'cause she was when that picture was taken. Both do care. Two of my oldest friends in Secondlife. Lala is my adopted Secondlife daughter...we chat or IM almost without fail schedule...just turns out that way. Katina...weeks might go on without a word between us...and then...*meow*. And every now and then, that's we likely shared four or five sentences...we haven't seen each other face to face in over two years. I'm in California, USA...Kat's in Turin, Italy. I see us as being in the others Secondlife as long as Secondlife is here. It's in my profile picks...there's that bond that one finds with the those you come to Secondlife with...hang on to them if you can. These last few days have been really busy for me...Kiki returned to Benares. She came here a day old...went and lived Secondlife for six months...and returned last week to live. Flor came last week...looked around for a day or so and has moved in on the East shore. Lita...our Lima, Peru girl has a small bachlorette home out West. Callme is busy setting up a house where Quinby was out East...(soon as Quinby moves her chickens lol). Quinbys moving to a larger parcel out SW west sim... A warm welcome to all...I will do my best. Finally Barbara's come home! Poly too! And Bubbles is wanting a new tier box location note card! Does it sound like I'm involved? I wouldn't have it any other way. If you haven't heard...two things from the far side. Effective December 11th...the Secondlife Mentors will cease to exist. Many did a lot of good...some were "tag hunters" {look at how important I am}...some were corrupt...many were just lazy. I have mixed feelings...Ive had the chance to work closely with many...a few I call close friends. There's a couple that aren't worth the effort to unplug their PCs if I could. The second thing has to do with Xstreet and the cut Linden Lab sees as fit. It sounds a lot like the death of the "cottage" industry that has started Secondlife. And while so many see that as so sad? Personally, I didn't come here to supplement my real life income... Big business is here, alive and well... Philip the dreamer is gone... Maybe it's time to repay the *start up* money... And so it goes My love to you all Namaste

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