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Monday, August 24, 2009

So Much I'll Never Understand

There is so much I'm sure that (1) I'll never kno..or understand..(2) Stuff I don't need to kno..or understand. Recent events concerning ppl I kno in SL have left me more than a lil baffled. And while I'm sure theres enuff *blame* to go around...I still am left wondering, Why? I realize that no world is perfect and for many years RL I wasn't a part of the solution...I was the pb. I have finally grown up....well part of the way :-). When I came to Secondlife in May 2007 I sat in total awe of what I saw on the screen. As the months turned into a couple years my goals here changed. With much help from the 4 ppl you can find in my SL profile I have attempted to create a beautiful place where all are welcome if they come in peace. We have had a constant turn over of new ppl come, take advantage of a guest house, {everybody needs a place they feel they *belong*}, learn a lil about how to basically function and often move along into what ever their dream becomes. My/our rules are simple...respect one another. Have fun. Now...concerning *chickens* :-)...{sorry couldn't resist}...I guess we do have a rule about chickens..........ooops thats under respect! Respecting the region where we live means yur chickens, cats, dogs, birds,whatever can't cause excessive collision lag. But I wouldn't kill yur chicks :-) I'de suggest to you that we fix the lag.... Respectfully. I see ppl either *flame* others with statements... Grief them with objects or scripts... Just be mean in general. And I just don't *get* it. I had some avatars assault my sim early on...prim litter..obscene posters...WW2 german airplanes on my lawn... Actually created enuff of a performance slump that a couple of Lindens and about 8 mentors showed up...guessing.. cause no one here called them. Retaliation? Only that those ppl are still estate banned. Thats it. No blog posting. No griefing. No harsh words. I may be wrong...but thats all I did. Maybe where I'm trying to go with all this is that if we all do .... "And eye for and eye".. We all end up blind. Do I love everyone? Heck No! I have had avatars land here ..I've read their profile.. and estate banned em on the spot...{show up with a profile glorifying rape etc....POOOF! :-) } I've had residents exploit the real life *issues* of another. They had to go...Respectfuly... Returned tier...Objects...muted...banned. End. Perhaps it goes back to something I heard so many years ago from a woman that was just shy of one hundred years old. "Respect demands respect... Intelligence demands intelligence...Some folks you just have to leave where ya found em, 'cause ya can't carry everybody with ya". With love, brinda Namaste

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