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Friday, August 21, 2009


Why? "Your World..Your Imagination". Those words really rang thru for me when I first saw them. { a ruff quote from Linden Lab...concerning Secondlife} While my first feeble attempts to be social in SL were laffable...{my fault purely :-) } I was befriended by a member from 2003...someone that took an interest in me....she didn't *want* anything. She invited me places, engaged me in chat, introduced me to other people. She did all this ,*just 'cause*. 'Cause, I see it today, it was the right thing to do. As you can see {and i'm writing this as much to myself as anyone} This is a brand new attempt by me to see if it's possible to write a blog that doesn't flame, troll, disparage (much), or irritate a lot of ppl. In RL I'm one of those desribed as a senior SL i've only found a couple of ppl older than I :-)'s great defense against those guys that are *In Love*....usually with anything that moves. Where I want to go with this is to post about how to be a constructive part of Secondlife. While some of what I do mite be construed as horn blowing..that's not my goal. I do a few things in SL that I am proud of..yes. And in later posts I'll likely mention some...again, not as advertising, but as a way to demonstrate that a care for all of us isn't a bad thing. I'll make this reasonably short...and list a couple names of ppl that have the qualities I find as helping all of us to find truly *Our World*. With love, brinda Namaste * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * In no special order: Prissielou Flora Ling Hotshot Polyhistor Serpente Bulli Schumann Hunter Benazzi Boyd Doghouse Effulgent Brown Imnotgoing Sideways Look for more in future posts...{too many to post at once}

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