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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Helping as best We can

Today was the first time in quite awhile i've been able to spend a few hours at one Help Island...217 today. It always makes my day when I get a chance to be able to take new ppl...primarily women... and help them change out of the default clothes. Yes..I do have a few things for guys...but the girls are the ones most interested in how they look. And the freebie boards there.....well.........the best i can say is out of 3 boxes of clothes..i found one jacket that was useable. The rest of the stuff make em look so cheap! Just to listen to them chat about how they feel about how they look with nice jeans, a decent blouse or T shirt,heels,a basic AO (courtesy of Ilse Mannomen), and fairly nice hair makes me feel that I have contributed something for the good of all. Although I didnt see her today.. theres a Secondlife Mentor that I see regularly on the HIs. Rachel Ascot. Rachel and her good friend Bulli Schumann are mentors that spend a lot of time actually helping ppl. Ive yet to hear a harsh word from either of patient..and yet full of good humour. Last count I think the mentors are down to just over 1600... from something like 7000...rumour is that LL is just letting that program die out. Often I can count 80 to 100 new accounts on the 40 HIs...and no mentors. I could be wrong..but first impressions are so important, and having loving, able, well informed ppl helping ppl in there first few minutes would seem to be a great first impression. Oh well, maybe the best I can do is to do what i nooblet at a time :-) love always, brinda Namaste

Another that makes a difference: Rachel Ascot

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