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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Friends & New

Had to re-Edit this post...Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find stuff as easy as some of you seem to be able to do :-). Old friends:...I did get a chance to chat with Twinkle a day or so ago. Many of you today have never met her...and yet Twinkles the reason we have a place today called Benares. She was my second friend here in SL... and likely the most patient person I kno. When she and I met, I had about 90 days experience w/PCs. Had no idea of even basic things like copy & paste..{not much better now lol}. Imagine how difficult it could be to teach someone the basics of PC use *plus* SL from 12000 miles away! {and yes..there were times I wanted to strangle her! :-) }. Twinkle, Ling, Lala and myself had a place on Lythria and after dealing with constant griefing for some months I decided to buy this estate. I knew I didn't have the tech skills to handle this, but Twinkle promised me she would stay for a year until I could take care of myself, & she did! After she ceased having an active part in running Benares I found out that she had done this for all of us while having a lousy bandwidth PB {no media, draw under 64 meters, all in all a less than desireable SL experience. While it like to broke my heart when Twin started spending most of her time in real life...I had to realize that if she hadn't, I would never have grown. Today Twinkle has graduated from college with a degree in engineering, works for the Bangladeshy government at a power station near Dhaka, still has a small place up at 700 here, plus a rental 1024 parcel on the south shore. I am forever grateful for Twinkle Villota...a lot of why I feel about Secondlife as I do comes because her. New Friends: I had, as always, a great time recently meeting and working with new ppl. One is Deb00 ... she came to SL from another VW ,'Moove". Shes such a joy :-)... she goes exploring... IMs me wanting to come and chat about what her experiences were. Seems a very open young woman, I hope she stays. Another fun time for me was being able to personally do a lil *search and locate*...I was able to find a rather busy french sim for Lotus...Lotus had spent a few days off and on on HI217. And she really felt she would be happier where French was common. We found an avie that was able to steer us to just what Lotus needed. Benares friends:.... I've chatted with a few of you here on the island concerning using this blog as a way for all of you to perhaps post about stuff going on with you...or to just be *in touch* with our neighbors. While some of you were close friends before you came, we have a couple that truly treasure their privacy. We are a lot more spread out than we were almost two years ago and I've been told by a couple of ppl that a big part of what we try to offer here is a sense of community. Posts to this forum are welcome...if you're post seems... 'off topic'... thats fine. I'm going to attempt to not "moniter/moderate" comments. I kno we can remember the first rule of SL...HAVE FUN! =^..^=


  1. Hi Mom, Hi everyone who has choosen Benares as a home,one time or another. As some may know me,Love y'all too! To those who I have not met Welcome to Benares. I would have never figured my SL would go this route.Grins
    At my Cowboys and Indian Sim I wear a few hats Am getting like Mom..stand in one spot when you first log to answer IM.s I do miss y'all bunches.and will get on here to Post from the 1800's land...YeeHaw!

  2. Breye...I do love you.. Such a wonderful attitude =^..^=

    Been a long time now since our chance meeting at Morris...funny how and where we find our friends!