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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Robot Hate & Still Learning =^..^=

I love getting the chance to sit down with some older members of Secondlife and listen to what they have to say. Often on Friday evenings Prokofy Neva has a discussion group that meets to chat about the latest thing going on with Secondlife. Last evening the chat was about the pending class action lawsuits against Linden Lab for seeming to have a laissez faire approach to copyboted content as well as the newest Linden to perhaps deal with this problem. As well as a couple other things. If you think none of this applies to you, myself, or Benares? Well...maybe it does. Let's face makes any world go around. Much of what we have in Secondlife content was created to either make an income directly...or was built to provide a place to sell that content.
BTW.. credit for this picture goes to Prokofy Neva. It was taken just after I left the meeting. I had prefaced my departure saying that my mother had cautioned me about sitting in dark places with mechanical men. Further explanation?...Search , 'Crap Mariner', =^..^= that's who broke out the sign! Polyhistor sent me an IM giving him up. I IMed a tease at Crap and he promptly sent me the sign. {Remember the first rule in Secondlife?...HAVE FUN!}. Also check out his blog! Too funny. Sometimes.
I'm so happy that there seems to be no end to my learning...hopefully here or real life. Last Eve I was trying to show a new resident to Secondlife how to work with her to make a little sense of it. How to close all folders...sort by date etc. I took screen shots to try and demonstrate...just wasn't getting through. And I so close friends caught hell working with me...{and sometimes still do}. One of my newest friends Barbara was watching patiently....finally sensing my frustration she chipped in her suggestion... {clic can access landmarks there}! I hadn't used that option in so long I had forgotten about it. Problem solved. And I too got to learn.
Had a wonderful chat last eve with a person from Saudi Arabia...My first from that country. If I remember numbers well...USA residents are not a majority of the population of Secondlife...just as USA residents are not a majority of the world (although so often we act that way). This young woman wasn't the first that was a little tentative in telling me where she was from. Her concern...a concern I had heard before..was that because of the radical religious views of so many worldwide and the blind hatred generated that I would snub her. I was so glad to be able to explain to her that while Secondlife has our share of everybody...I personally haven't seen much of anything that shows anything except tolerance towards all here in Secondlife. And of course for those that do know me I love to add my personal thing...."BTW, We Buddhists just don't get that excited about your religion....or lack thereof". :-)
We had one of our little get together impomptu meetings in front of my house last eve. Let's see if my memory's still working {cause I was slacking and didn't pict!} Breye, Poly, Barbara, Bubbles, Kiki, Selea, and myself. Breye hadn't met Bubbles before and was waiting around for the Swedish bunny to get out of bed :-)... Kiki had just TPed in from HI217...Polys there most all the time ready to do whatever needs to be done. Barbaras found a home with us and seems to be content there...Selea dropped in to log out at *home* kinda girl! We used to do more of those meetings...but that was before we grew as big as we are now and got kinda spread out.
This isn't Benares news...but the Benares family is my family...Cinnamon is missing this she was let out/got out...I don't know. Shes almost seven and never been outside and I'm worried sick...but...all things are impermanent...and everything will be as it's supposed to be. I do dread adding another stone next to the temple though.
And so it goes
I love all of you, brinda

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