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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbyes, Hellos, & Changes

Time doesn't seem to flow anymore as much as it rushes by.....And time in Secondlife seems to be even more compressed. Some come here and expect miracles...Some like myself come and fall in love with the ideas and opportunities... Some come for reasons I can't fathom.
Rose has been a gift in my life as well as a gift to Benares. We met at the Ross info hub when she was just a few days old...She came to Benares as so many have...The place was so full at that time we didn't have our usual guest facilties so I invited Rose to use my house as a place to call home. A few weeks later I logged in one day to see a rather substancial L$ gift had been given me. Rose. The accompaning IM text just said "Thank you". Rose went on to get her first parcel on our west shore...and eventually moved to a private islet when we added the West homestead. She's brought Jakob to our family...and while they have moved in different directions now she calls him still, 'a good friend'. I know he has been to me. I believe in order to stay in Secondlife one must have a passion here...For Rose it has been, from early on, Role Play. Not the (as I see it) demeaning role play some do...but a place where she could expand her senses. Today that role play takes enough time...and with some other circumstances...doesn't leave Rose the ability to use the limited time and resources to enjoy this community as fully as she once did. While she has given up her parcel for awhile...I still call her my dear friend and a part of our family. I will miss seeing her face to face...but we will go on=^..^=
Another goodbye is Rosemary...I received a wonderful note from her a day or so ago. Rosemary and I certainly share one thing in common, neither of us are innately social...and Secondlife is a social venue. She confided to me that she had tryed this platform for a few weeks and while she had found really great places to explore...those places would have been so much more fun if the exploration had been with a friend or partner. She did tell me that her decision to move on wasn't, 'set in stone', and she may well be back...I can only hope so. I did make a suggestion that she stay a bit more and gave her the name of another that I know would also like company. Of course part of me wonders if I coulda/shoulda/woulda have spent more time.. one on one.. with her, if that would have made a difference.
I guess I can finally talk about my friend Veronica leaving...It was a month or so ago...and she did stop bye a few days ago to chat. I say 'finally' :-)... Veronica was another that showed so much of what I call class {for lack of a better word}...She came to me face to face to tell me of her decision. I know little of what happens has to do with me...but people I meet when they are so new the ink isn't dry always have that place in my heart that is shared by children.
This group has just at two hundred members...I purge people that haven't logged in in a year. Most just silently fall away...only a rare few have the class or perhaps the compassion to come and tell me they are leaving. While I won't get into names, I've had a couple from a long time ago do that...and I still think it was a *stand up* thing to do.
Barbara has decided to build her Secondlife home on the south shore here at our island. . As I've mentioned before... I remember how I felt when I got my first place. Since then I have had the joy of seeing so many get that same's a fantastic feeling. It has to do with the passion I talk about that will help keep us connected.
There's a rumour that a former resident may return...I can only hope so.. :-) More later if that does happen.
Limpy and a friend of hers stopped bye a day or so ago. Both Limpy and Nash are estate owners...I've mentioned Limpy before...she had the job/responsiblity of finishing the raising of her younger brother after they lost their mother some years ago. I must tell you the sim almost crashed when my head swelled up so fat after hearing Limpy tell Nash that what we have at Benares is one of only two community minded residential estate complexs in Secondlife that she's aware of. Limpy is an honest business person....pretty much what you see is what you get.
OK..I know this isn't in the "title" but when I read this this AM...I knew it was something I wanted to share.
Aldous Huxley...If the name isn't familiar...It's worth looking him up. One of the important figures of the last century.
This is a quote from such a learned man near the end of his life.
"It's a little embarassing to have spent one's entire life pondering the human situation and find oneself in the end with nothing more profound to say than try to be a little nicer."
And so it goes
Know that you are so loved, brinda

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  1. Hi Mom..Hi All....Grins I knew you would love the
    and yes nasty picture. I am glad your baby is home again,a little worse for wear, but home. Well more kittens!! only 3 this They were with meds...tearing around the house like a race track! Darn..feeding time again..see ya ..Y'all take care. Love you all.