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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friends...Old and New...Memories

Friends and Memories...
Always a subject that we can identify with.
Twinkle Villota came in world for a visit last eve...How wonderful! Twin...I miss you so much and yet if you were still in world everyday, my days are so full now we still wouldn't have much time together. While my Secondlife daughter Lala was my first friend...Twinkle was only a few days after. Twinkle and Lala had very different goals here in Secondlife...although they aren't but about eight years apart in real life age...the circumstances of location, family responsibilties, and culture give them very different goals.
My lovely Secondlife daughter is here to shop, party, shop, chat, and shop =^..^=.
Twinkle came for the technical challenges and to earn some income. {She didn't know when she met me that she came to teach!}. Last evening after the obligatory, "How are you"..."How's Benares"... "Have you thought about using a plugin to access your tier boxes from the Web?" {still the business woman!}. We got around to old times.
Memories. Secondlife seems to have an odd effect on time...At my real life age.. a couple years just seems to fly by. In Secondlife May 2007, my rezz date, just feels like it's so long ago. Twin remembered who introduced us {Angie}, My first 2048 parcel at Arrazura, Her first house at Tussock. We laughed about us hanging in the air next to a sixty meter mega prim sign I made for her shop at Lythria with her trying to teach me how to map the texture...{I desperately wanted to crawl through the cable all the way to SouthEast Asia and strangle her :-) }...How we thought that getting Benares made us BIG land holders.
Other people...other places...other times.
Here in least for me...there is this deep bond that I have with those I met when I first came. It's a bond that seems to survive not chatting for long periods with some...and yet when I do IM/'s like only a day has passed. I'm thinking of my Katina, nicknamed Kat...three or four months sometimes go bye...and either she or I will send an IM... "meow", that followed by a *HUGS*. That's long song and dance... Just meow. It's enough for us to say a thousand thoughts. Such a precious thing.
Others have long gone...and still I mourn...dear Riggley...gone these twenty seven months now, and still once a month or so I send an IM telling her simply that I miss her.
I was able, a day or so ago, to finally lay down a self imposed emotional burden I had looked at for nearly a year. A secret I felt was best left unrevealed. I believe the way I handled that situation will leave a dear friend of mine a memory she will long remember.
A new girl has posted a notice in her profile telling all that read it how thrilled she was to have had a little help from me. She will go on to change that :-) {I'll suggest}...But what I did see was that someday I will be her memories.
I owe her and Secondlife to be a good and fond memory.
I owe that to all that meet me, both here and in real life.
While I'm not perfect... I do have one thing that I do believe and try to live....
"Let me live my life in such a fashion that I will not be matter what is said about me. Even if it's not true."
And so it goes.
You are all so loved, brinda

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