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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Had a chance today to see a couple things that give me much joy. First was when Skyler sent me an IM early to perhaps give her some pointers/advice/help on rezzing some sealife she had gotten for her beach. Now when I came to SL.. I wasn't about to ask for any advice/help/pointers...{my gosh.. what if they think I don't know}...ROFL. You see a default nooblet? They don't know! When I get there, the dolphin was a creation that I hadn't seen before. My best efforts at trying to position it were to no avail... darn thing had a mind of it's own. Over the next perhaps 15 minutes though, I watched as Skyler figured it out. All the *help* she got from me was an "atta girl". And so often that's what we really need. More about this in a few lines. Real life called and I logged for a bit...when I returned I saw one of my newer friends at our guest house. I love to see new ppl come here and take up our offer to use that facility. The sign on the front says it quite clearly... "Everybody needs a place where they belong". While it's possible to have a Secondlife with a free account and no parcel or group land, for most of us it just feels right to have somewhere we can just.. *be*. OK..A few lines later =^..^= Linden Lab is, if not slowly deleting the Secondlife Mentors program, reducing it to just a few. Mentors have gone from 7000 or so to around 1500 or less today... and there are no new ones coming. Power corrupts...absolute power etc. ...many Mentors just ended up with the title for the status. Some, and BTW...I have a list of the ones I've worked with...are ones that are here to help... I know there are many others. Many of these Mentors are just doing the Mentors program...IE: showing ppl where to look in the knowledge base for the.. *how to*...there is a place and a need for that. I love to see brand new avatars ... stop and chat for a bit... show them how to delete that darn pink dress...give them a few free clothes, a pair of sparkly heels, some decent hair styles, a few info notecards, and a skin that isn't like grade school paste :-). Send them to NCI hubs..or Hyles..or Help Ppl... anywhere but the *Welcome Areas*.. And listen to how they talk now that their self esteem has gone up. Secondlife or real we look and dress has a lot of impact on how we feel about ourselves and those around us. There are a lot of ways to contribute here...Boyd I've mentioned before...his thing is... *someone that listens*. Rarely found alone. Breye...always busy... works so hard at helping ppl enjoy the *Wild West*. Makes Secondlife easier for so many. I've a former resident that spent quite a few L$ repaying debts that a former significant other created. This took her months, they wern't her debts, and she had to earn that money in Secondlife... That kind of ethics improves life for us all. Some days I really feel that there is hope.... that the future can and has started here...that if we work at it-- just a can work. Love always, brinda Namaste

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