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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Right Thing? I Hope.

I try so hard to do the *right thing*...I wish I could tell you that it's what I learned as a young child. Actually it's stuff I hope i've learned from paying an incredible amount of *pillow tax* over a lot of years. Sometimes I wish {just for a moment} that I could easily return to the ideas that kept me alive for so many years of abusing myself and everyone around me. Last eve I had to do things that I've put off for some months...I neednt go into a lot of details...theres just a couple of residents left that would remember the original situation anyway. When I meet new ppl...ppl just sometimes minutes old here in some ways it's like having a new child. You have some children that come, grow incredibly fast, and leave home almost as quickly. You have others that enter your life and stay for so long. And yes...sometimes you get children that may decide that the opportunity here is not for them. All share a piece of my heart...and whether they leave quickly or slowly... as the text on the tori gate over the walkway to the south shore says, we all leave a part of ourselves here on this island. A day or so ago one of those 'children' has decided to pursue a dream that has taken her to a place in SL where she can realize that dream. I'm OK with that...she's following the first rule I try to express to all new ppl....."Have Fun". (I have that in quotes 'cause I got that from my friend Ling). Am I sad?..absolutely. Am I happy? Sure...cause I want all to be happy. Will I miss her? you bet! The *right thing*.... I have had to face the apparent fact that not everyone has my best interests at heart....{what a suprise huh?}. I posted on anothers blog yesterday that I attempt to live here in SL with this philosophy. If I like, respect, and I can help you , I will. If I end up not liking you, if I don't respect you, I will leave you and everything about you alone. There are at last count something like 32000 regions in Secondlife...there isn't time to visit them all.... and there certainly isn't time to attempt to interfere in anothers life. While I have stopped ppl from coming to Benares...It's always been a situation where I felt the interests of all the residents was {and is} the most important thing. Abuse someone're outta here! Try to crash or seriously lag the sim? pooof! I have recently had to take a look at whether someones actions cause me personal financial loss. I think perhaps they did. Residents pay me real money to have a beautiful, fun place to enjoy SL. I have a responsiblity to provide all of you with great service. Thats why there are managers here from about 5AM SLT...{Ling Hotshot}...Me, off and on during the day and eve, and Polyhistor till the wee hours. And I have a responsibilty to provide you with an island to log into. Rest assured.... this estate isn't going anywhere. The *right thing*? I've stopped a former member from coming here. As well as removed that person and another from the group. Only twice before have I ever removed someone from this group. I don't like doesn't feel good....and I'm hoping that it was the *right thing*. I love you all, brinda Namaste


  1. Brinda,
    I've been mulling over if I should bother even writing this.I've been told by friends to forget about it, it's not worth it. But somehow I just can't And since you won't accept anything from me inworld, I will say my piece here. I'm not going to besmirch you and call you out, and I don't need to defend myself to you, but I also don't like to be accused (albiet indirectly) of doing something I did not do. Not in RL or SL. Before I was ejected from the Benares group I got your link for this blog, and had a chance to read it the other night. I can't quite understand how I caused you to lose money. I did not "coax" anyone off of your island.That is not my style. Their decision was already made. I merely offered to open my home to a friend, someone who wasn't sure of her place in SL at that moment, and wanted to find her dream home and needed some time to do it . This was done with the purest of intentions. With no tought of ill intent toward Benares.Although in anger I may have said otherwise ( I'm only human after all)
    So for me to be banned for doing something out of the kindess of my heart? For doing something that you profess to be of the utmost importance in SL?(helping others)It's ver sad. I'm grateful that my close friends no longer reside on your sim or it would have had a much greater impact on my SL. As it stands, it doesn't matter anymore. I've no need to come there again. It is disheartening that you didn't have more faith in me as a person to maybe talk to me first. I thought you knew me better than that. So as for it being the *right thing* I guess you did what you felt you needed to but it saddens me that all of my good memories of Benares have come down to this.

    Wishing you the best on your continuing journey,

  2. Thank you for your post Rihanne.
    What happens in any life is that we see things thru our own filters, rare indeed is the person that can step outside that view. Myself included.

    I will try always to remember you as you were when we first met and to wish you happiness in whatever direction any life takes you.