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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carrying What message?

This might be a short usual..I have little idea where my thoughts may lead.
First..Cinnamons home! She stayed gone twenty four back a little dirty, disheveled, a small scratch on one eye {just seen by our vet...ok}, and needy lol.
I went to see something for myself today. I find this picture disturbing to say the least. I hope I'm not the only one that sees just how the conversation could go between that new resident to Secondlife and the older one when they happened on this. I know...there are those that will say "Come's a joke...No one's really hurt...Don't look if you don't want to see...
You see, some of that attitude has been used here in the USA in my lifetime. Jim Crow laws. "Colored use back door". "shoot 'em for practise...N*****s aren't human"....It's not that it's a joke..or a's an attitude. There are a few of my friends that know a little bit about some of my old history. I haven't always been a warm and fuzzy person. I'm not some gawky lil geek with a pocket protecter *wanna be* living at Mom and Dads. I have done less than some that may read this .....And you bet your ass I've done a hell of a lot more than almost all of you. I have seen and done evil.
Today..and for a lot of days I try everyday to live a life that, as I've said before goes ..."I try to live my life in such a fashion...that I will not be ashamed no matter what is said about me...even if it's not true". It's not just any special's an attitude. We have such a chance here in Secondlife to move a portion of the world to a place of understanding...maybe not love... that's ok. Understanding.
I've posted before about my lack of understanding on and real life. Even the old Mafia contract murder I could at least understand...I believe the Sopranos/Goodfellas movies...You know...nothing personal you understand...*just business*. Here the hate and griefing has nothing to do with control or's just about the "lulz"....the laughs. The total lack of compassion the hate mongers have just amazes me.

If you go back one post to "ROBOT HATE" and read the part about my meeting some one from another country....I know in my heart I did my part in all worlds to carry the message of tolerance. And, you know, it didn't hurt at all =^..^=

I came in-world this morning to a fantastic site...embarassing...but really cool! One of my residents had made a sign in my front yard that said, "brinda we love you". You see, for me, that helps ease the way I feel about some of what goes on in other places. It lets me feel that Benares is something that all of my residents have a right to feel proud of. I certainly am.

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