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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Your World...Your Imagination"

The title of this post comes from Linden Lab some time ago...I don't remember seeing it recently. Before I get too far down the line here....Just as a matter of record. While this blog isn't on Linden servers and isn't constrained by *not repeating personal information thats not posted on a persons public profile*....I certainly will always observe your anonymity. I was reading anothers blog this AM...where the current post was about what people do in Secondlife...{where we can be anybody or anything we choose.} Only one of the things I treasure about our place is that we have a sense of community..or I hope that all of you do. While we do have some of you that do leave it there when you "come home". Actually theres only one of you that I do know what RP she's into. And that's as it should *big brother* needed. We have several real life couples here, and I think another couple coming , as well as a lot of singles. We are nearing the last quarter of the year... a time for holidays. If there's a group desire for a social event please let me kno. Last year we did a halloween party. That brings me to my prim story...Most of you find out that so often we need/want more *stuff* than we have prims for. I have finally found an upper limit for me......{finally!}'s 22500 prim. Last year Lala did the halloween decorations...mainside gets 15000 prims. I ended up with 6 prims left. Not 6000. 6! ROFL Last year I did a photo album scrapbook....If you would like a copy just let me kno...or........... Start sending photos to Mamie Alter. I'm also thinking of asking a person I know here to go around and get some pictures of both your places as well as you yourself..I want to make a new one that has all of the ppl that are here now as well as the "How It Used to Be". Please set full permissions on any photos as well as names. A special thank you to Skyler...she's taken someone new under her wing...I believe thats so important here. Ling has "killed " the hard drive in her PC :-(.... If anyone wants/needs to reach her you can either leave an "off topic" comment here. Or leave me either an in world note...or an Email RL at and I'll see that she gets it. Brook Sutton was here the other day.... saw her on a visitors sensor. Brook is a friend from when we first came to Benares. She stayed with Ling for a few months before going on in Secondlife... :-) Since I still see her coming to see what we're doing, I kno she too has left a lil piece of her here. For that I'm so grateful. OK...that's enough chatter today... Always know that you are so loved, brinda Namaste

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  1. Hi! All..And Mom..I love you, we all love you!
    In my case and I am sure alot more of us...Turn out to be cause you taught us what it means to give..freely..expecting nothing back. To care for each other..and to help everyone we meet here in SL, and to help all New Ones to become what they want to be..or just show them the path to get them there. Benares is my 'Family'. But I have met the most interesting people by doing what you taught me. And yep! I am busy..but never too busy..not to stop and help or offer when I see that someone needs help. LOL and not all wear Western garb. I even got to ride a HUGH Dragon....grins..because I offered help..when no one else did..too fun that was! The simple act of offering friendship helps tremendously.
    All because of you, Brinda...I learned so much from you and pass it along every chance I get. Even if I can't get home much..( need to take off my guns and mosey on home more ). Love all of you there...Hope to meet the newest ppl when I swing through. Ohh and Ling we miss you..hope you get back soon!