"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


That old saw about, 'The more things change ..the more they remain the same'. I have had a remarkable chance in Secondlife to have a front row seat to watch change. Change in others as well as change in myself. Some changes seem at first to be growth...some I guess might be growth in an odd direction. Which is the *correct* direction? Probably only seen clearly in retrospect. New things. New people coming...some just passing thru...Skyler staying. One thing I've seen before, and it's always the same, is that moment of fear, panic, and yes, joy...when we rezz our first house. It happened to me certainly! Gosh that seems so long ago...{the panic when I accidentaly deleted the second floor I clearly remember as well lol}. Thank you Minke Bailey..(she was there in minutes to fix it). If you see a tiny bunny running around.. stop and say "Hi".. thats Bubbles... Bubbles is from Sweden and so very funny...Guess I'll need to go get more flags for the telehub. Polys birthday... A year in Secondlife seems a lot longer experience wise than a year real time...certainly for many of us there's an intensity here that we don't see RL. I suspect almost all that see this blog know Poly...I am blessed by having her both as a friend and as someone passionate about Benares. BTW....If you see her at log in?... haha.. please give her a few minutes before we all bomb her with our percieved problems via IMs :-). I remember her first "hello" at Isabel. There's another member of this team that rarely gets any.. *airtime*.. Ling. And most of you don't get the chance to see behind the scene to see her input. I was reminded of her a couple times this past week. As she has said ,Ling often watches from afar. It's not a question of dispassionate observation...I think it's allowing ppl to grow at there own pace. More than once she has opened her own home to new ppl...given them a place to stay and grow. Always a dear friend...and a much better judge of ppl than I will ever be. I remember our first meeting at Apollo. My SL daughter has had to learn about how we all suffer from having a terminal illness...growing old. She lost her Godmother a couple weeks ago. Lala, I love you and treasure watching you grow up. While, when we're young, we see a death as such a terrible the years go by... this passing becomes just, "the way things are". That's enough rambling for today...I am so glad to see your comments. I have had a few of you comment to me personally as well. I believe that we all are better served by communication. There are situations that have happened everywhere...Benares included...that would have possibly turned out differently had my communication skills have been better. Maybe better late than never. I love you all, brinda Namaste


    You are one in a million....I appericate you so much. Always willing to lend a hand..get me out of a mess..or to teach me something I didn't know! Glad your on my side..winks
    With your 'Toy' Box...LOL.

    Ling...Love you too. You have an amazing gift!

    Lala...Sorry to hear about your Godmother. She will be with you always. Remember there is a season for everything.

    Brinda..What can I say..Your the BEST!!

    Caro love the new think a few months ago you were ya!

  2. Happy Birthday Polly pockets.
    Has it been a year already? How time flies.

    I lost windows on my computer at home and been trying to restore it but not having much luck so I may be off world for a bit until I can figure it out or get a new computer.

    I love this blog. Its a great way to keep up on current events. Another good idea of Brindas.

    Lala, I too am sorry for the loss of your Godmother. As Bree mentions, there are reasons behind everything. Its just sometimes hard to understand.

    I will be in world when I can.
    Love always,

  3. This is a limerick I wrote for Poly and gave to her earlier today (hope she doesn't mind it being in the public domain :)

    Polyhistor Serpente is a girl I have met just briefly
    Whose list of likes I concur most chiefly
    But I must admit to you
    I have explored a dislike or two
    Two honest souls can never agree completely?

    Polyhistor Serpente is a girl with a vibrant mind
    And a soul, warm and kind
    With me to the east, her to the west
    I would like to suggest
    That I drop from the moon to talk and unwind

    Polyhistor Serpente is a girl who is a treasure
    My friend, my neighbor, my pleasure!
    I need no lists
    For me to insist
    That she is wonderful beyond measure.

    Happy Rezday Poly