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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Watching things...Real life news...Secondlife news...Benares news. Sometimes the three most dangerous words in my vocabulary are... "I've been thinking".=^..^= I wonder often about my motives...Are they self serving? {Sometimes} Do I do the things I do for the good of all? {Sometimes} In any life I truley believe that a large measure of personal responsibility is paramount to both personal well as the growth of the society we live in. There is also the responsibilty to call out publically when we see..."The Emperor has no clothes". I'm fortunate to have a couple of people in Secondlife that will come to me and say..."Where are your clothes?" Real life news? Ugg! rofl Secondlife news? There is a lot going on... little of which directly concerns me here...{so far} Benares news.. We have a few new people at Benares... Skyler is out at the SW corner of Benares West...while very new to Secondlife she has extensive previous experience in other PC venues. She has taken the time to actively help other newcomers to both Benares as well as Secondlife in general. We have Marnius and 'Winter' at the SE corner of Benares East...a real life couple that are still very private...Marnius came to Secondlife some time ago and 'Winter" (my nick name!) just weeks ago. Quinby...A delightful girl! Benares East north center... So excited to have her first home :-) {I still remember how totally overwhelmed I was with my first place} I've asked DESIRE Halsey to go around to all the current residents and either take their picture or ask for one for the coming yearly "Memories" photo album. She will also be taking pictures of the resident parcel builds. DESIRE has been here at Benares for some time...her first visit to our home culminated with, "I want to live here!". I've mentioned Bubbles before...If you see a tiny bunny at your place thats her. Shes our tier manager...her job here at Benares is to make rounds every day and make sure the tier boxes are all up and running. Bubbles can be a little shy...but the sweetest person ever. btw... if your using voice she may not hear you :-). You may see a couple of other new people here as well. Machele is one of those new people that come to Secondlife and land running. So very caring about the feelings of others...She seems to be having a ball exploring...I so want her to find a passion here....passion is what keeps us. {Passion about not, "him" or "her". Barbara is the newest....Barbara is from Berlin...and I see so much of me in a lot of how cautious she is on one hand...and yet how excited she is with the almost infinite possibilties here. I was able to spend perhaps thirty minutes max with her yesterday showing her the very basics of rezzing a box...moving it...adding a simple rotation script. And then I get to hear a certain incredulity when I can honestly tell them that they are doing at a few days what I wasn't doing until weeks/months later. Coming news?.....We may add another sim just north of Benares East. Nothing set in stone just yet but one of our members is contemplating that venture. Any potencial build that direction will add value to this complex and will fit in with both our look as well as our theme. But... back to that earlier bit concerning responsibilty... I will continue to caution my friend that Homestead sims are and expensive thing to support... But I will also help and support whatever decision they choose. And so it goes My love and respect to you all, brinda Namaste

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