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Friday, September 18, 2009

Watching the Gift

Maybe this post should be titled "Bits and Pieces" =^..^=.
Just got a weathervane gift from Boyd....How cool that he would think of me. And also cool that I did actually have a creation that I could share with him....a waterwheel...of course my first *whine* was when.. for whatever reason... mine says creator unknown.. lol. I've learned that while I'm actually pretty good at , "reverse engineering" stuff,... I'm just not an original thinker. Even my waterwheel was something I saw at Fate Gardens. Khamon Fate has made a lot of changes there over the years...has wonderful trees for sale... all are copy... so one is all you will need. Did invite a close friend there to see that she got a beautiful fountain... was just easier to get her there than it was to contact Khamon and see that it was gifted.
Got another gift today early.... Met a new avatar last eve at HI224...spent a little time helping to dress her up and answering her questions. Today at HI224... the same avatar. She asked me for a "text prim"... {says Hi! I Can Help} to wear over her head...she wants to stay there for a few days and help others as she was helped. She and I spent over an hour there helping new Secondlife residents before she had to log. That was wonderful...just takes a few of those to help me see that what we have in Secondlife can help change the world.
Logged in here at Benares to make my rounds....see if anyone needed anything. Had to reset Sabres missing tier box.... shes busy involved in a brain cancer awareness program. Just another indication of how the people here at this Island care about more than themselves.
Had a long chat with Ling last eve....and I'm already seeing some changes to her parcels. Must tell you that whatever she will be wonderful. Today I went back to her first house location in Lythria....Wow!...The changes are so dramatic. In a future post I will tell the story of that land and the sad thing I did see in the weeks after I bought that huge parcel.
Last story for this post.... Bubbles!!! Bubbles Muggins is usually found as a tiny bunny. She comes to Benares often... stops by morning and eve {her time...9 hours East of SLT} just to say hello. Shes a delightful girl...shes just about a year old here in Secondlife...and is interested in making new friends. Bubbles isn't a senior citizen like me lol....and neither of us makes friends easily... so that might not be age related. What she has found is that good friends in a virtual world where theres anonymity to conceal true motives can be difficult to find. If you see her around just give her a will see that her name is perfect! =^..^=
And so it goes...
My love to you all, brinda

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