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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy versus Right

It's usually hard for me the figure out that line between being...* RIGHT!*...and being happy. Recently my struggle with that has resurfaced. One of the original things I read from Linden Lab was their motto, "Your World..Your Imagination". I came to Secondlife nearly 900 days ago and while my first days and weeks here were not... 'happy joyous and free'...I wasn't griefed, teased, or spoken to badly. Sadly that's not everyones situation...all one has to do is go stand around at MooseBeach info hub or Waterhead welcome area for awhile and watch and listen. I bought my first estate parcel at Arrazura around June 2007, about three or four weeks after I came to SL. It was such an experience...I met Lala, Twinkle, and Ling while I was there and got my first lesson in prim control..{or the lack there of}. All of those ppl came to the mainland with me and together we built a nearly third sim beautiful open landscaped area for all to enjoy with rental houses surrounding the park. I was happy. And then I had my first experience with ppl that..."Their World..Their Imagination"... concept was much different than mine. Griefers. Self replicating prims...obscene particle spamm. After spending an inordinate amount of money it became clear to me that while I was acting.. *right*.. just abuse reporting the situations and never getting actively involved... it wasn't where I could be happy. And so the idea for Benares was born. My theme here, and the operating policy has been based on peace and love. And for almost the entire existence of this sim we have been so blessed with residents that embody those qualities........ While there are others..{and I will get around to chat with all of you I promise}......I had a chance to chat with a couple of residents yesterday who both carry those ideals. Early in the day I got an IM from a resident that lives as far east as our estate goes. Andor is wonderful, a person that treasures his privacy here, and when I set up the East sim we specifically made a parcel out there that I was sure he would like. If anyone is flying around and see's him out there...stop by and say hello. He's created a fantastic garden... {look for the beehive..I had no idea} :-). Go as far east as you can....look for him. Then last eve Desire came up to my front yard for a chat. Desire is another that doesn't spend a lot of time into anyone elses business. Beautiful, quiet, loves building. Amazed me early on....I looked at a walkway she was creating that mite be a lil high on prims...I sent her a mega prim and a day I saw she had used it and perfectly mapped the texture. She was about a week old! She had "party neighbors" for a week or so....never a word.. just read the covenant and put up a nicely textured wall so she didn't have to possibly offend anyone. The other side... Stuff I just don't get. Ppl that constantly seem to be a pain where I sit. One of my good friends has a great line in her profile "likes and dislikes"... she dislikes ppl that have a profile line that says they are, "drama free"...(rarely). I have 'issues' with ppl that come to our home and prim litter, or create scripts that don't seem to have an "off switch". Ppl that come to a place I have spent literally several thousand USD and try to coax ppl to leave for their own selfish reasons. Ppl that go to nooblet locations and grief, harass, or waste resources. We have an opportunity in Secondlife to create as close to a perfect world as we will ever see. Why waste such an opportunity? I have a friend in SL..someone thats been here since 2004...a person that has done much to improve this experience for all of us. There's just one thing that I see as a problem....{for him}...I'm sure it's a learning experience for me. At what point would I rather be *right* rather than *happy*? Attachment is pain. It's not always an easy choice.
I guess I'm not finished here =^..^=
I love you all, brinda


  1. Attachments can be painful; it can also be incredible. So many people lack imagination. They cant imagine a world of happiness, a world where we dont invade anothers happiness. Benares to me has been a place where I can ground myself. From the very beginning it rescued me from the evil side of SL. Without the love and tender support of Brinda and Ling I would have left SL after a few days. Benares showed me there are some people out there who arent selfish who do care and above all show love in every situation even when they have to do something they dont want to do for the good of another. Thank you Brinda for providing me an escape and for a home, one where I feel safe, for helping me take the time to learn about me and grow a little in a secure enviroment. Angel xxx (Please excuse my spelling).

  2. Angel.
    Its the sucess stories such as your that makes all the attempts worth while. You were my first resident find for Benares so you know you always have been special as I watched, sometimes from afar,your growth and development. Second life is a better place for your being here.
    Love always.

  3. Yes...Remembering the three of us standing on the SW corner with environement set to midnite listening to that jukebox I had rezzed. So long ago. =^..^=

  4. I love you both thank you for being my mentors on my journey to self discovery one i know will never end for me hugs Angel xxx