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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Just a few random thoughts... There's something that we all hear in so many ways throughout our lives...and today I find it so funny that, at least for me, I didn't truley *hear* it. A very good close friend of mine in real life calls this phenomena, "The gift of ears". I'm thinking of a song lyric from long ago that..."Just because you can see the stars doesn't mean you can see the light". {Boy is that the story of my life! :-) } Where I'm going with this has to do with volunteering our time and resources both in Secondlife as well as real life. As some of you know I have two great passions here in Secondlife. One is this labour of love called Benares. I hope a place of love and compassion ...a place of peace...a place of fun. I have been so blessed by having so many residents contribute to this dream...not only financialy...but in the prevailing attitude. I get such great pleasure from seeing the fantastic effort and talent so many put into their place here in Benares...I get to watch ppl riding vehicles around the sim...see Jakob running a jetski across 3 sims...Allie and Laurali doing the things that young college age girls do...ppl shooting themselves out of cannons. And yes..the occaisional gunfight...{where no one got angry} =^..^=. My other passion is showing new ppl that there are those in Secondlife that are willing to help. As I've mentioned before..I was given the gift of friendship a few weeks into this life...a charter member helped to make me feel that I did...*belong*. I've met two ppl in the last couple days that have been such a joy to work with...Skyler and Rosemary. Perhaps the thing that's made any help I've given them so enjoyable is they have..."The gift of ears". They both have extensive experience in other virtual venues and understand that the easiest way to have a measure of early success in anything we do is to listen to those that have gone before us. There are a few things that I've learned in offering help. One is that if the other person just goes AFK and doesn't ask or apologise...or just goes off into inventory and won't listen?....I don't get upset. I offered.... that's it. I gladly just dump all of the free folders I have that can help... and move life revolves around me. The other thing equally important for me is a lack of expectations...any help is offered one ever owes me anything. And because no one *owes me anything* ........ I get everything. =^..^= As always, I love you all, brinda Namaste PS: In previous mentions of those that do so much for the good of all I've chatted about 'Caro'..If you have a few minutes... Please check out this URL. This is just one of the things that some of our residents do here. http:/


  1. hi... my computer is in the shop. I fried my hard drive and need more memory but I should be back in world by wednesday or thursday.
    My rl world is slowing down and I need a mission to justify my worth here in sl.. I would like to help bring in more people onto our island.. New people, new ideas. None of us are beyond learning.
    I miss you all and will return as soon as I can.
    Love always,

    andor.. that was a lovely limerick for our polly ...
    She is so loved by us all

  2. Ling...Your mission at Benares is as always. I know you're always there for me...So wise about people beyond your years...

    Those who might read this and haven't met Ling...Stop and say Hi ..or send her an IM.