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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mentoring....easy? Sometimes.

I truley love Secondlife...And I hope anyone that reads this comes to feel about Secondlife as I do. The first time I logged in was on dial-up. While all I could do at first was to wait for a really long time to even see anything....when I could, I thought OMG! I've got to do this. Next step was to get broadband and here I am two and a half years later... it's gone by so fast. Actually at my age everything goes by fast =^..^=.
I've mentioned before about my first days in Secondlife not being that much fun...fascinating Not so much.... frustrating? Yup! And I've chatted about the first person to take time to help me to feel like I did I was important to her. She came to SL in late 2003...when as another old member told me...SL was a lot like high school. When if they logged on and there were 50 ppl on line....IT WAS A PARTY! lol. Everybody knew everyone else.
Where I'm headed with this is to mentoring doing more in SL than just fixing my own self interests. In real life...(and sometimes SL) I'm a 'type A' personality...and while I'm not into country music.. there's a song line that says, "The beat ought to go a little faster" :-) Here in SL the beat will only go as fast as the avatar I'm trying to help can dance.
Last eve I had at least four was so quick...took less than perhaps five or six minutes to change her clothes, hair, shape, skin, shoes, and give her a lot of folders, notecards, and landmarks.
Another was quick but was an avid mmolsrpg gamer and had a lot of questions.
The third was a lot like I was...very most of the ideas...but was overwhelmed.
Last was the kind that I personally find painful...first there was the language barrier...even with a transator some ideas just don't sync. Then you never know about their connection to the net. And lastly...there's an intellectual *click* that it seems to take...not everyone *gets it*. I see them log off without saying anything and it makes me feel badly.
A lot of people have heard me say that I try to teach as I need to learn. {Hmm... there's that line that, "We teach best what we most need to learn"}. I teach that and one are two, and one more is three. A very close friend is an engineer real life.... very bright...but she's not a great teacher...she immediately goes to , "square root of nine". Yes, both answers are three...but in order to communicate with anyone..I have to speak their language.
Just sat here frozen for a few minutes...looking at that last line. Intuitively I know that to teach love and compassion I have to communicate love and compassion. I try..I really do...forgive my relapses.
I logged in early this AM as an anonymous alt :-) ...One that has zero friends on her list and one that only one other person knows. Had to do a little research and got to thinking.... I came to Secondlife wanting what I guess everyone be popular and successful. Careful what ya wish for..Haha..{and don't stop IMing me!} So now when I'm in a hurry to do something for me, thats what I do.
Today I wanted to get the Slurl for a free translator, you never know when it can be of use.
One of my acqaintances here in SL is Ferd Frederix. Another brilliant mind...he now provides that Google translator free at the Help Islands. You can find his translator at Phaze Demesnes 230,225,23. Or search for Ferd and look at his picks.
Second I wanted to put up a picture and a little text here of the person that really did make me want to stay. She's no longer in search and I don't know why...I can only hope life finds her well and thank her... as well as hope you all can make as much of a difference in just one life here as she did in mine.
I Love You All, brinda

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