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Thursday, October 1, 2009


So much going on in all worlds...We all understand the entire worlds economy has under gone some serious changes recently....Those changes affect our Secondlife economy as well.
While one may come to the Secondlife platform for free, and actually have a wonderful time...that route does have many limitations. The list is long...You want to build and create?...Save your work..keep an eye on the clock..}"sandbox sweeps every X warning"}...
You want a place to be able to display your creations or inventory?....not without your own place.
You want to have a sense of community?....Hard to do peacefully at a welcome area.
Here at *our* estate, {while the bill does come to me from Linden Lab} this place is *ours*...One can achieve a measure of stabilty for about sixty five cents us$ a day.
For myself, I have found that to continue in Secondlife...I had to find a passion...I know..I know, you've heard this before...
Over the last couple years I have developed relationships with those that came to Secondlife before constant question to all these people is *Why?* Why are you still here? You see, if I wish to do as you have done...I likely will need to do as you did. In the last two years...the overwhelming thing I've learned from those that came before me and are still here? Passion. I'm sure that all that know me understand, for me, it's Benares. I wish for all of you to find your passion.
I learned many years ago that if one never "tells tales out of school" people will tell you things...often wonderful things. Below.....a couple.
One of my friends confided to me they take great pleasure in sitting waist deep in the water just off their beach and thinking. One loves to change houses...{lol, I've lost count of the different houses}... Another would sit on the railing at her horse corral and watch the sunrise..{where else but Secondlife can you have sunrise as long as you wish =^..^=} "Your World...Your Imagination".
Not Passions...Obsessions?
Many of us come to Secondlife and fall....I want to say "victim"...{sometimes, sometimes not} the percieved anonymity provided here. We end up experimenting with behaviors that might be thought of as *dark* in real life. I did briefly...the guilt got me. OK... gosh, what ever "floats your boat"...the thing is... your right to persue your passion should not be flaunted in front of those that find that behavior to be broadly offensive..{thank you Linden Lab}. Need parameters? Would you do it in front of your mother?
A newcomer here came to me to tell me she was going to stop coming to Secondlife...She's a medical professional, old enough to buy a drink twice over, certainly no "Babe in the Woods". She just doesn't want to have blatant sex facing her when she goes into a shop changing room. {Hmm...guess they didn't have their own place did they?! :-) }
I've made my stand clear on "criminal" behavior before...Your profile says you find murder, rape, child molestation OK? My rules..I don't think you fit what we are doing here.
The creators of the "Bloodlines" vampire thing have provided a script that stops those pesky, "bite requests". { I will send anyone said script if you just ask me....might just send in a group notice} I am OK with the vampire thing if that is your passion....but leave the public display at an appropriate venue. Make Benares your home. Both Breye and Skyler do RP at an 1860s Texas wildwest sim complex....They don't come "home" and play *shoot 'em up* :-)
OK Bits and pieces...
Yesterday was Mucaros six months in Second life.....You want to see what *passion* looks like? It's 'Caro.
Maybe a high calling..if not the to help another
I'm going to include a resident parcel screen shot with future posts for awhile. Todays will be Barbaras's not textured yet...only a couple days old...heck, Barbara's less than two weeks old :-) Of course I, like most I guess, judge everyone by myself....How do people come here with so much innate talent?
As all of you have seen...I use the Eastern greeting/farewell Namaste often. For those that may not know the it is..
From the Sanscrit..literally, "I bow to you"...a more intimate emotional translation is, "I honor that place where the universe resides in you.... when you are in that place and I am also...then we are as one.
OK..Thats all for now...Secondlife calls =^..^=
And so it goes
My love to all, brinda

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