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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Breyes Place at Benares {aptly named Mi Casa es Su Casa
Why are you here? I guess I should say...Why are you here if it's been a couple years...even one year?
I ask that question of everyone I meet that's older in Secondlife than I. The things that instantly *hook* us as nooblets I don't believe are those things that we find that keep us here. I certainly know that's true for me.
I can tell you that Breye, whose house I featured today, is one that does a lot of role play in a Western cowgirl setting. In that setting she's also found a niche where she can help new people wanting to join in that scene.
We have some here that are potential tech geniuses (my description..not theirs). I'm blessed by their constant far any problem I end up with...they either have the instant answer..or do in a day or so.
Others I think have this platform as a way to just unwind after a day or week of the ongoing real life drama that affects us all.
It's always been interesting to watch people change as time goes see where their passion takes them. Myself, I went from owning 8000 plus meters of estate beach to owning nearly half a sim mainland. {I wanted to create a beautiful place on the mainland...that's a rather painful story best left for another time.} I ended up here.... this is what I want.
The house above was the last creation here of a former resident...someone who's early passion was building. Today I read her profile and I wonder what happened, her profile suggests role play that leaves me very uncomfortable....but it is her Secondlife.
We have residents that find it so easy to do here what I have to work at....They gather for social conversation...they go on treasure hunts...they use this platform for good clean fun... a social gathering place.
One of the most common questions any of us ever get from new people is........(ready?)..........."How do I make money"!
If I remember numbers...something like less than 2000 people out of all of us actually make enough money to earn a real life living. Never mind Ansche Chung, whose real life income a couple years ago exceeded $100,000US. It doesn't take us long to figure out we aren't here for the income.
Most of you know, one of my passions is volunteering time trying to greet new people. Another is getting involved in the day to day questions that I feel need to be asked in the forums, or of those that do have the ear of the "Benevolent Monarchy", or said Monarchy its self.
{Never in my wildest dreams when I came did I think I would ever even see a Linden..much less have one know my name...still not sure if that's a totally good thing! =^..^= }
I'm interested in improving Secondlife...for me...for you.
I didn't do well for a long time in real life as far as being part of the solution...I guess that's what keeps me here...Hopefully here, I get to be part of this fantastic dream....
And so it goes
I wish you all to fulfill your dreams, brinda

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