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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learning...Sometimes Quickly..Sometimes Not

Polys @ Benares North Mesa * * * * * * * * Learning and growing....In my case so slowly. Logged in briefly to take this parcel picture...only to see another missed opportunity for my growth. Just below where this picture is taken from was Markiz's 'Ventain Manor'. I never took the time to meet her...I was *too busy*. {That's not the truth}..... it's another situation of my avoiding social situations. It makes me acutely aware of the real reason I was instantly hooked here in Secondlife from day one. This platform has allowed so much emotional growth...and I recognized that early. It's much easier for me to connect with people when I understand that if I get too uncomfortable I can go Cntrl Q. I've posted before that I intend to personally meet everyone at least once socially....and I have been doing that. Under the heading of "practise what you preach"...If I profess Benares to be a community...then it stands to reason that I should lead. One thing that brought this to front for me was when Jace and Lotus left...I had never met them. Now business wise, I don't have to meet residents. Click about land, accept covenant, buy, pay tier box. Poly or Ling will assist you with parcel settings/options. Again...if I want this place to be different...the behavior must start with me. Never mind it's emotionally needed growth. Recently I had a long conversation here with a resident that has so much talent that ones first thought is *they're and alt* way they can be here two weeks and do what they are doing. Turns out they are new...and they are just applying off world skills. The biggest portion of our chat concerned feelings of shyness and not being connected. My resident has thought sometimes that if her one friend and mentor wasn't logged on she just felt lost. While I wasn't quite that paralyzed...I have mentioned that my early days weren't a lot of fun. Learning...I sat and did for my friend and resident some of what was done for me. I asked if it would be OK if I went to another resident and offered the considerable skills the distressed resident has. You much happens at this point. One person will perhaps find more reasons to be here, another can reap the benefits of the situation, I get to repay some of what was done for me....and Benares becomes a helping place for all concerned to grow. Such a deal! =^..^= And so it goes With love for all of you, brinda Namaste

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