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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Lings Beach House
Responsibilities...That word gave me mental shivers for so many years... Today..not so much.
A few years ago...long after I thought I had finally grown up and was responsible...I was "at the scene/site"..of an accident. A skateboarder tried to hitch a ride on my car...missed his grab and fell down at about 50 MPH. I saw him fall in my mirror...and yes, I laughed...I didn't stop..and went about my business. OK...bottom lines...I ended up in court...Judge said there was little doubt I would have been in his court If I had stopped...{There was no contact between my vehicle and the kid}...The entire thing became an insurance scam, {you see there were only minor injuries to this 28 year old},...cost me 23,000 dollars to defend myself... Responsibilty. The common good should come first...And who am I to decide where that line is.
I was asked by a friend of mine that was the director of a large social services network in town if I had learned anything. I did learn something.... I remember my answer exactly. "Dwane, I'de love to tell you that I learned 'this' and 'this' and 'this'. But I think what I did learn was what responsibilty there is in having responsibilty." Profound? dunno...was for me =^..^=
That was another turning point in my that time that I *grew up* some...I was 56.
I have responsibilities here in Secondlife. I take them seriously...gladly...I actually enjoy them. I have posted before about griefers and griefing...that's a great example of not being responsible. As I see it... We..{that's you, I, and 'them'} have a responsibility to improve Secondlife. To work with new practise the common courtesies that smooth the civilized pathway for all of us in any world. I think all of you are aware that what we have at Benares is so different from anyplace you will find in Secondlife. This estate is truely a labour of love for me.
I've mentioned before that while I can't say whether I would still be in Secondlife without those that have helped me...I doubt it. Certainly the quality of my experience wouldn't be what it is now. If it's that way for you...pass it on....It's fun...{lol, mostly :-) }
I want to publicly thank two people for the technical skills that have allowed all of us to have Benares.
Twinkle Villota I've mentioned before...She was the first. While not here much...She and I do connect RL Email.
Today, It's Polyhistor Serpente that really sees to the day to day operation....You rezz something that lags the sim?...While I may be the one that calls you on it...You can bet I wasn't the one that found it. Thanks for the hundreds of hours you spend on Benares Poly....As well as being a good friend =^..^=
This will be a short apologies for lagging on this well as not spending as much time in-world as I usually do. I've not been as well as I'de like real life..nothing serious...sore throat...just out of energy.
Todays parcel...Ling.
Ling and I have been doing Secondlife for close to two years now.
Ms. Ling, You are so loved...:-)
I still go back to where the little white Tuscan house sat, and think of you when I rezz at the "Bridge To Nowhere" at Apollo.
And so it goes
My Love To All, brinda


  1. I too wish to thank Twinkle and Polly both for their efforts. Polly always tries to explain how things work ( technically work ) and I have to admit, most of it goes over my head. lol. She is very paticent

    I often wonder also if I would still be here in second life if I had not met Brinda on that Apollo bridge that faithful day. We have such a wonderful friendship that started out with a simple hello. I recall Brinda helping me get into my first home in Lythia. I was so thrilled. Even gave me my first sl job. Checking on her properties. ( Little did I know it was a test of my worth, lol. )

    I lost count of all the people Brinda has helped in that last 2 years. She amazes me with her willingness and tireless effort to help others. She has the ability to help people make good choices without telling them what it is they should do.

    There was a time when I had Brinda to myself, along with Lala and twinkle. I miss that time. It was a time of one on one with her. I miss it but I wouldnt change a thing now. I lost some time with her, but have gained so much in return. I ( and of course all of us ) have this beautiful, peaceful, greif free island and the best person in second life as our landlady and friend.
    I am so proud and honored to be here.

    Love always,

  2. Ling....I'm not sure what to say...
    You bring tears to my eyes...wonderful heart cleaning tears.

    Of all of the people in Secondlife...You were the one that knew where to find me the day we sold Twinkles shop.

    While the quantity of our time is less today...I know the depth of our relationship is deeper than ever.
    **Hugs** brinda